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2 hrs ago | Wall Street Journal

Don't Underestimate Smartwatches

It's important to understand that like the iPhone before it, the Apple Watch isn't at all what its name would imply. Let's call it what it is: a wrist-top computer.


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6 hrs ago | Computer And Video Games

History Lesson: Dragon 32, the Welsh computer

Take a look at the Dragon 32, Swansea toy company Mettoy's knee-jerk attempt to get some loving as the ZX81 and VIC-20 started cascading into British homes. Mettoy's source of inspiration was an odd one: Tandy's American TRS-80 Color Computer, or CoCo to some of its fans.


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10 hrs ago | Thetelegraphand Argus

Stella Elson, back, right, with the Carers' Resource computer group

A CHARITY is appealing for donations of unwanted laptop computers to help improve the IT skills of carers across Airedale. The organisation's CReate service runs free weekly IT workshops for carers in Airedale, as well as Bradford and Ilkley .


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15 hrs ago | AME Info

Dubai market in modest euphoria over Emaar Malls IPO rush

Key Responsibilities a Install, configure and maintain servers, PCs, peripherals, IT tools/equipment, packaged software, antivirus, utilities, software tools and software patches. a Install, administer and upgrade the computer network infrastructure.


16 hrs ago | Macworld UK

eBay scalpers hawk iPhone 6 Plus at prices up to $6K

Profiteers hoping to turn a quick buck on the shortage of Apple's new 5.5-in. iPhone 6 Plus have listed their pre-ordered phones on eBay for as much as $6,000.


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Sat Sep 13, 2014

Sydney Morning Herald

Why Steve banned the iPad

While many parents allow their children to bathe in the glow of tablets, smartphones and computers day and night, Steve Jobs limited the time his kids spent on gadgets at home. When Steve Jobs was running Apple, he was known to call journalists to either pat them on the back for a recent article or, more often than not, explain how they got it wrong.


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CBC News

Computer scam targeted vulnerable B.C. seniors

There have been an upsurge in complaints about a cold call computer virus scam in B.C. Seniors in B.C. have reported a surge in cold calls warning them that their computers have been infected with a virus-and if they give the caller remote access to their machine, it can be fixed. The problem is, there's no way for anyone to know if you are having computer problems, until they access your machine and, in this particular scenario, that access comes with a fee.


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The Value of Non-Instrumental Computer Use: A Study of Skills Acquisition and Performance in Brazil

Telecenters, libraries, schools, and other public places where people access computer technology generally must decide which information and communication technologies to make available to the public. These decisions are often made based on a conception of which ICT uses are worthwhile, and often venues end up privileging instrumental uses-when people use the technology as an instrument toward productive goals-over non-instrumental uses, such as gaming or chatting.


York Press

Beggar had laptop court told

A laptop owner repeatedly begged members of the public for money in York city centre because he had run out of electricity, York Magistrates Court heard. Anthony Hugh Turner, 35, of Aberforth House, Lowther Street, York, was seen begging on Skeldergate Bridge on July 28, and on the same bridge and on Finkle Street on July 30. He told district judge Adrian Lower he had run out of electricity because he had left his laptop computer on and needed some money to get his electricity back on.


Science Daily

Cutting the cloud computing carbon cost

Cloud computing involves displacing data storage and processing from the user's computer on to remote servers. It can provide users with more storage space and computing power that they can then access from anywhere in the world rather than having to connect to a single desktop or other computer with its finite resources.


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The SAFE project teaches computers to understand your musical vocab

The vocabulary we use to describe music can be tough enough for a human to grok but a team of tinkerers from Birmingham City University aren't interested in helping people understand that language. Nope -- instead, they've cooked up a way to teach your computer what you mean when you throw around words like "bright" or "fuzzy" or, yes, "crunchy" with a program they call the SAFE Project .


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Fri Sep 12, 2014


Appeals court overturns child porn conviction

A federal appeals court has overturned a Washington state man's conviction for possessing and distributing child pornography. The court in San Francisco ruled Friday that a U.S. Navy investigator who discovered the material in Michael Dreyer's computer violated law that restricts the military from enforcing civilian law.


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How Steve Jobs Convinced Tim Cook To Work For Apple

Apple CEO Tim Cook began working for the company in 1998. He was recruited by Steve Jobs from Compaq, where he was perfectly content.


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Computers and productivity

It has been remarked that, "We find IT investment everywhere, except in the productivity statistics." The thought was occasioned by the observation that business investment in IT did not appear to be producing any measurable increases in productivity.


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HP's Russia unit pleads guilty to bribery, pays $58.77 million fine

HP ultimately pays a $108 million tab to put violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act behind it in Russia, Poland and Mexico. The fine was part of a $108 million total tab to settle similar charges in Mexico and Poland and pay regulatory penalties.


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Risk of cyber-threats may increase as cars load up on computers, active controls

Features in many new cars that are widely seen as the first steps toward a self-driving future may also making cars more susceptible to cyber crime, according to a recent study. New technologies like park assist, adaptive cruise control and collision prevention are some of the first to hold an active role in driving.


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Christian Science Monitor

Reshma Saujani created Girls Who Code to help girls get computer savvy

Reshma Saujani and a Girls Who Code participant visit AppNexus, an online advertising company based in New York City. In 2010 while campaigning unsuccessfully for a seat in Congress from New York State, Reshma Saujani visited a lot of schools.


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Science Daily

New species of electrons can lead to better computing

Electrons that break the rules and move perpendicular to the applied electric field could be the key to delivering next generation, low-energy computers. In a research paper published this week in Science , the collaboration led by MIT's theory professor Leonid Levitov and Manchester's Nobel laureate Sir Andre Geim report a material in which electrons move at a controllable angle to applied fields, similar to sailboats driven diagonally to the wind.


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Thu Sep 11, 2014


Oculus VR Ceo gives $31M to University of Maryland

The CEO and co-founder of Oculus VR is giving the University of Maryland $31 million - the largest gift in university history - to construct a computer science building. University officials said late Thursday that alumnus Brendan Iribe's gift will help build the Brendan Iribe Center for Computer Science and Innovation.


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Contra Costa Times

HP buying cloud developer Eucalyptus as Meg Whitman Restarts M&A

Hewlett-Packard is buying cloud-computing software developer Eucalyptus Systems as Chief Executive Officer Meg Whitman embarks on new acquisitions to bolster the computer maker's businesses. Eucalyptus, founded in 2009, provides technology that lets companies store, process and deliver computing data via the Internet.


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