Willmett Solicitors believed to be in administration

Dec 2, 2009 Full story: Get Wokingham 1,210

Willmett Solicitors based in Reading and Woodley is believed to have gone into administration.

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#1592 Aug 1, 2012
Kev's back - in good company. Come and support him on 20/09/2012 London 09:30 - 17:00 see http://www.clt.co.uk/ConferenceDisplay/169355...

This course will be presented by the following speakers, please click on the Speaker & Venue details against any course date to see more information.

Kevin Mawer
is a partner at BTG Global Risk Partners LLP. A licensed IP, Kevin specialises in contentious insolvency cases – taking insolvency appointments where fraud or misfeasance is suspected. Kevin has given evidence in Court – either as an expert witness or, as an office holder, as a witness of fact on numerous occasions and has examined bankrupts, directors and others in court.

Since: Aug 12

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#1593 Aug 2, 2012
Rezilliant wrote:
Anyone who can shed any light on David feeney please as I am looking to go to the papers with my story on the whole fraud & I know things went through willmetts !!! & hopefully raise the public awareness on the insolvency people this lot get to help them destroy peoples lives!!!!!
Just joined this discussion, have you managed to get anywhere with locating David Feeney yet?
Helen Windsor berks

Reading, UK

#1594 Aug 2, 2012
Substratem if you want to joined this discussion don't hide your location by a man not a
Scum and a Rat

Since: Aug 12

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#1595 Aug 3, 2012
Helen Windsor berks wrote:
Substratem if you want to joined this discussion don't hide your location by a man not a
Scum and a Rat
You're a real charmer, I was only trying to offer some assistance - but won't both now.

London, UK

#1596 Aug 3, 2012
Substratem wrote:
<quoted text>
Just joined this discussion, have you managed to get anywhere with locating David Feeney yet?
hi the whereabouts of people such as feeney is easy we know where he lives !!! What I am trying to do via this forum is to put the last pieces of a fraud jigsaw in place meaning we have been collating the evidence thus far since 2008! We understand that the legal system in this country helps all the people like feeney & co to carry out there fraud and then they have years in some cases to hide the cash they have stolen via property deals ! Sending it overseas!!!!!! Etc etc. There is a legal team in place now & things are coming together very well I can say it was a slight problem getting the funding but thankfully that's all sorted !!! So feeney will not be in control for much longer I have said on more than one occasion that when all this is over I want to see feeney behind bars the trouble this man has caused myself & family can never be measured by the financial problems we have had to endure but the letters , being taken to court , bailiff visits to uplift property , & the sleepless nights I've had to worry over & if anyone can add to our growing list of frauds please help!!! Ps Helen I don't know who I am replying to here it could be anyone but if you worked for willmetts I know this man used money to buy property @ the time he should have payed others I wish I could speak to willmetts old school as I know a lot of the deals were done via your old firm !!!
Mawer Pawer

Basingstoke, UK

#1597 Aug 11, 2012
Mawers up to his old tricks again

London, UK

#1598 Aug 12, 2012
Mawer Pawer wrote:
Mawers up to his old tricks again
Tell us mawer.

London, UK

#1602 Aug 14, 2012
Is it that there are disgruntled people with a grudge or could it rather be the comments cannot be removed because they are true or they cannot prove them to be untrue? There may well be people with an axe to grind but the question is are they correct in what they say with regards to the treatment of people? There are lots of I.P's who deal with difficult issues but they do not appear to attract the same level of criticism and negativity as K Mawer and given that it is such a sustained period (over 3 years and hundreds of post by dozens of contributors) Whichever way you look at it, there are serious reputation issues and questions over ethics that continue to encircle him by contributors to this discussion

London, UK

#1604 Aug 15, 2012
People should not think all I.P's are bad. It is not a bad industry and this thread would give the readers the impression that the kinds of issues raised are the norm and are standard when that is not the case. To get to the bottom of the issue, you have to consider the Insolvency Industry as a whole. In every Industry there are bad apples but for the most part, they all work under the same codes and have the same powers. They do specialise in different areas but in no area is a specific skill synonymous with malpractice or poor ethics by an I.P. This is down to the individuals personality and the way they operate and there are some I.P's who practice and attract the wrong kind of attention as a result of the way they handle people and cases.
The worst possible trait in an I.P is one that likes the hunt, the chase and the kill. As the old saying goes ‘you can't get blood out of a stone’ but when you claim your speciality to be just that then it will not stop them trying. It’ s the drawing blood that they enjoy. Its a good fact that most I.P's are not this way and that they can do their jobs professionally and can probably do their best at getting blood out of a stone if they had to but they would do it in a way that does not humiliate, bully, intimidate or threaten and for the tactics they use to be morally and ethically sound and to follow due process. The debtor involved might not like the process but if they are treated properly the I.P would probably get a better result from the process than the one described above as all they do is immediately create a hostile environment that is conducive to nothing other than giving the I.P pleasure in other people's predicament and that is not the traits of an I.P that anyone would want to be unfortunate enough to have to deal with.
There is a pre meditated routine that this kind of I.P carries out which would normally include extending a bankruptcy or bringing about a misfeasance case for a Director and bankrupting them, both of which are designed to keep the person in a strangle hold and take control of their lives for as long as possible and for the I.P to have 'the power'. If that is not enough they will question all their family, friends and colleagues who might not have anything to add to their investigations but is designed to add pressure on their target. The less money they receive, the more hostile and exaggerated the treatment will be.

Most of the time the people can do little about it as they have nothing to defend themselves and even if they do, that will not deter this type of I.P as the more someone resists, the nastier they can become. In the worst possible cases, the I.P may be so blind sighted about the end result that he will cross boundaries that he (or she) shouldn't and will sail close to the wind and may even act deceitfully or make the best attempts at constructing vexatious claims. If the I.P is of a character that is particularly angry, bitter or neurotic in any way or they have a large ego and a 'cannot fail' approach - which would equal ‘looking bad’(which is something this type of person could never be portrayed and would hate the thought of their reputation being in doubt) then this would make for a really nasty experience as they will spend a pound to make a penny; just to get blood. The creditors they serve might also not just want money, they also want blood and they would find a vessel through which they can inflict as much pain as possible and this I.P would make a perfect candidate and would encourage them that he is right for the job.
Under normal provisions, this type of behaviour would not be acceptable but it can be difficult to prove and that is why forums like these can be so important as it brings to light what are, public interest issues as a small number of I.P's can bring their Industry into disrepute and 99% of I.P's do good, honest, worthwhile and productive work. They do it and don't destroy lives in the process.

Manchester, UK

#1607 Aug 15, 2012
If the above 2 posts are about Kevin Mawer then its 100% spot on.

The man is a total bell end that has not only tried to ruin many people's careers and lives, but has succeeded in ruining his own career and life, not once, but twice.

He was sacked as a partner from Grant Thornton,then He crawled into KPMG at a much lower pay grade level and was again sacked from KPMG after he overstepped the line on the willmetts case this thread refers too

There is no better word to describe the man other than a total liability for any employer, his ego outways his ability and intelligence

weybridge flats

Huntingdon, UK

#1618 Aug 17, 2012
Demi and george were trying to con people again by putting up the flats for sale through a local agent. The leaseholder as we all know rigbsy homes is insolvent. The ownership of these flats are 'interesting as well'. Their niece Kiri Koshi was assisting in the sale....Funny they were all taken off the market very soon after the estate agent discovered that DEmi lied to them and was trying to pull a fast one. Demi,george, olga , kiri are all crooks!
Mr Ronald Gray

London, UK

#1629 Aug 25, 2012
Why after all this time am I still waiting to get an answer reference a Will made out in the joint names of Mr Ronald Gray and Ms Victoria Harris. Much time and money has been wasted trying to get answers from people like yourselves and all I keep getting is "We will inform you as and when we come across it. Beyond a joke now!!!
only fools and horses

London, UK

#1631 Sep 18, 2012
when is the next hearing?

Blaydon, UK

#1633 Sep 21, 2012
any news on howard mcpherson thats got an toswn house in spain

Horsham, UK

#1635 Oct 16, 2012
all gone quiet on here - i suppose it will pick up nearer trial - bring it on


#1637 Oct 27, 2012
If house deeds were held by willmetts where are they now and how do I get them back.?

London, UK

#1638 Nov 30, 2012
Paulzy wrote:
If house deeds were held by willmetts where are they now and how do I get them back.?
I was wondering this myself the other day, as I am in the same boat. According to another site,

"If the property is registered at the Land Registry then that is proof of your ownership as the requirement for deeds is now obsolete. You would be able to sell or mortgage the property simply by producing a copy of the Title information document from the Land Registry.

Read more: In 1999 Willmet & Co confirmed that they were storing our title - JustAnswer http://www.justanswer.com/uk-law/4vzyz-1999-w... ;

This seems to be the case- here is the Land Registry website: http://www.landregistry.gov.uk/public/faqs/wh... . You need a postal copy for anything legal- the online copy won't be accepted in court

Personally, I intend to consult a solicitor and ask for their advice on this- Hewitts of Reading are quite good and would probably give you some free initial advice (I don't work for them by the way, although my Mum used to).
Mr Ronald Gray

London, UK

#1640 Dec 4, 2012
All I want is my Will back.

London, UK

#1641 Dec 4, 2012
Mr Ronald Gray wrote:
All I want is my Will back.
Have you tried the Solicitors Regulation Authority: http://www.sra.org.uk/consumers/problems/soli...

According to the Law Society, any will is the property of the client, so you should be able to get it back if you can trace it: http://www.lawsociety.org.uk/advice/practice-... .

You might also be interested on what they say regarding the loss of a file, copied below, which might help if someone tries to give you the brush off- this is advice to solicitors from their own society:

5.4 Losing a file
Loss of a file may amount to inadequate professional service or negligence where deeds are lost. You may need to contact your insurer to record the loss and you should consider contacting your client to discuss what remedial action can be taken, especially if original papers such as wills have been lost.

If a claim arises in relation to lost papers the courts will weigh up the available evidence to assess your part in the matter.

Slough, UK

#1642 Dec 7, 2012
Try Chebsey & Co Solicitors in Burnham, Buckinghamshire, for missing Will.

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