The opposition political parties attempted to exploit the recent austerity measures and the price hikes to mobilize the citizens to take to the streets in order to topple the regime.
But the limited protests witnessed in Khartoum revealed that the government is stronger than the opposition.
Apparently, the opposition parties are weak, reluctant and unrealistic besides the absence of any strategy or methodology in dealing with the economic crisis.
However, there is a difference between what happened in the recent days and the demonstrations.
The demonstrations are collective political actions where people gather in one place with specific written slogans including the demands of the protestors.
But the protests are usually a gathering of small groups in limited units likely to expand with no start or end points to condemn and not to demand.
The question that poses itself is whether the recent protests are spontaneous or was a political making organized in the political parties' kitchens?
Several facts and statements revealed that the government was expecting such protests especially on the lifting of the subsidies on fuel considering that the issue was subject to lengthy deliberations within the NCP leadership office and the parliament.
The NCP leaders admitted that the announced economic measures are tough and were supposed to be discussed in full transparency with other components of the Sudanese society to widen the participation in taking the decision.
We believe that the NCP should have consulted economic experts from all directions and not only those loyal to the NCP.
The government was supposed to conduct popular dialogue with the people in their places to simplify the ideas and ease the figures to convince the citizens that there was no remedy except these measures.
What made the citizens disappointed were the reassurances of the government officials that they are prepared for the negative consequences of South Sudan secession.
Those reassurances represented a topical remedy without considering the accurate reading of the consequences of any austerity measures.
Notwithstanding, the recent protests witnessed in Khartoum and other towns were just economic protests supported by some political fingers to modify it genetically for serving the interests of those who want to topple the regime and sit in its seat.