Binghamton, NY

#1 Jan 21, 2008
BN Agitator! Hold on to this!

From NY FT: New York Anti-smoking Poster "Boy", Skip Legault said that his parents made him eat a pack of cigarettes when he was a kid. 3 cigarettes is probably a fatal dose. Nicotine is one of the most toxic substances there is. If he did eat them, that is probably what messed him up more than smoking! You always hear about babies dropping dead from nibbling on cigarette butts that they've seen in their parents mouth. It is no bull! Tobacco is of the Deadly Nightshade family. What in God's name ails this medical profession to make like smoking did this to Legault? Check and see, and I bet his troubles started when he was forced to eat cigarettes. 1/15 Since Bush Daddy said that the Bush Nazis have been using nicotine as a means of chemical assault (nicotine is in insecticides), I researched the matter. Nicotine can be absorbed from guts, lungs, and skin. Ingestion of small amounts of nicotine, a bitter-tasting compound, causes vomiting, nausea, headaches, salivation, abdominal cramps, stomach pains, agitation, a rapid weak pulse, and bowel and bladder evacuation. Larger amounts cause convulsions, extreme weakness, confusion, paralysis, coma, respiratory arrest, and death. Even though it says that ingestion of nicotine causes the blood vessels to collapse, they say that they still haven't linked it to peripheral vascular disease. Duh! The fatal dose is listed as 40 milligrams per kilogram. I bet that Skip Legault has always had peripheral vascular disease since his parents made him eat those smokes. Smoking is a big deal with these Bush Nazis probably because they are trying to justify Bush Daddy dumping his buddies in the Pacific, saying that he smelled smoke in the cockpit after telling his buddies that he didn't mind if they smoked. "The curse of an evil deed is that it will always continue to engender evil" Schiller. So it goes as Nicotine Madness replaces the Reefer Madness of yesterday. "Behold they are less than nothing.." (Is. 41:23-24) Ref. Holy Smoke!* Bobby Meade and Wake It! Shake It!...Bobby Meade or How I Won the War

Science Refresher: Asbestoes fibers are visible to the unaided eye. Talk of filtering elements and/or molecules with air or water filters usually pertains to what is in big particles. There are a million microns in a meter; a billion nanometers in a meter; and a trillion atoms in a nanometer. What is known about the atoms and molecules has come via deduction; i.e. it's never been witnessed directly.


1/9 Another war? With Iran?! Murder some more soldiers, W! Be a Gad damn war hero like your old man!

Start a war between W and his old man!
Sounding the horn in Zion assures you can!(Num. 10:9 Amos 5:3)

The Horn, a low toned instrument, take an empty one gallon plastic water container, cut the bottom out, cut the cap, insert a one foot piece of hose, and wrap it tightly with duct tape. Freeze it before use. It's the loudest, most versatile instrument there is! Play Jethro Tull, Led Zeppelin, Get Back, Meadeboy Messenger Music, etc. "Let me take you down cause I'm going to Strawberry Fields! Nothing is real! Nothing to get hung about!" "That looks like W's work! A woodchipper? That's Bush Daddy's work!" (Ps. 64:8) Although Bush Daddy says that Nazi death doctor Nicky Exarchou has boxcars full of nicotine etc. to dump on you, don't get shook! I can probably save you or at least you will probably die laughing. Bush Daddy keeps saying, "Kill every poophead! Kill every poophead!", hoping I'll repeat it, so that he can say that was my work. His plan is to wait until every poophead is dead, then come forward and say that he was the one who got rid of every poophead, probably thinking that people will let him live as the last living poophead.(Is. 14:20)

Binghamton, NY

#2 Jan 21, 2008
Bush Daddy says that he is the one that gave W his diploma. Is that Ivy League or wot? Even though Bush Daddy fried W's brains, he says that W's stupidity surprises even him. Never forget:


Bush Daddy says that the landlord responsible for this "death trap" is one of Hitler's Storm Troopers and that their true identities are protected by Secret Service, which they formed for that purpose. No need to prove anything. Bush Daddy says to have them dye their hair red, put on a dress, and say that they are the Queer Kennedys.(Is. 33:1) 12/27 The same holds true for the fanatics of Islam in Pakistan and the Middle East! THE LOOK ON THEIR FACES BETRAYS THEM!(Is. 3:9) 1/4/08 Do you understand that this arises from their coprophagic intelligence? They are saying that these red-haired Queer Kennedys are going to be more Irish than the Kennedys because they have red hair; plus they will be dressed as females, the fairer sex. How can they lose? As long as they keep moving on those who God has condemned, it shouldn't be a problem. Bush Daddy said that if they won't dye it red, paint it red!

Hopefully you know enough to go watch John Lennon's How I Won the War for bright ideas. Try to get excerpts of Reefer Madness to run immediately after the Legault commercial too, so that people can compare the stupidity of today with the stupidity of yesterday. 1/19 Extra! A bright idea from Bush Daddy himself: Get the poopheads to summon the Fire Department from the East (Is. 41:2), and the FD should say that they were marking the exits with their flourescent orange paint when the poopheads got in the way and had their heads painted. Then say the Kennedys did it.

I am the "servant of rulers", and these rulers do not want one of those who God has condemned here when they return.(Is. 49:7; Rev. 20:4-6)

From US Senate and Representives FT: In the late 80s and early nineties, for weeks there was St. Elmos fire in the sky over DC, and the sky looked like an flashing electrical grid. Why was there never any mention of this? And why does World Book Encyclopedia now say that it happens everywhere, even on longhorn cattle horns in Texas?

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