Xe Lua la di Dis vao mat Lon Taiwan

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Xao Lon Viet Kiu Taiwan


#1 Jun 27, 2010
Viet Kiu Hoa Kiu Taiwan Yakuza la` cai' do^` Xao Lon^` Bu' Lon^` di~ Mat Go Ret' mut' mua` le^ thi~

Dis me lu~ cho' ba tau` lai Taiwan Korea hoi^ tanh...


Tau ki' tenh^`

Ng Tan^' Dung~ tu Dung~ Mat Go Ret' bat' chuoc' Copy Bu' Lon^`
Xao Lon dog Taiwan Korea


#2 Jun 27, 2010
The election 11 July 2010 will be the Victory of Real Japanese LDP

DPJ go to hell

Xe lua la di dis vao cai' Lon^` con di~ hoi tanh Yakuza ban' Tra` Da' Korea Taiwan DPJ dis ia~ dis len^ dau^` con di~ hi' cho no' chet^' me no' lun...

Shi t Taiwan Korea


#3 Jun 27, 2010
Ng Tan Dung~ PM of Viet Nam is just a f ucking dog of Yakuza Black Dragon Taiwan Korea

It is not Vietnamese. It is just a f ucking photocopy of Taiwan Korean and VietCong

It is going to Hell same as DPJ Naoto

Ng Tan Dung~ la mot con cho' An Ke' Bat' Chuoc' khong hon khog kem' cua~ Xa Hoi Den Yakuza Taiwan Korea

Sh it Korea Taiwan
Shi t Taiwan Korea


#4 Jun 27, 2010
It copied Cambodian and Vietnamese laguage but it still show the sign of Tea and Kimchi from Taiwan Korea, especially, still a true dog of North Europe animals ( Denmark, Holland, Vatican )

Dis me thang Xao Lon^` Tan^' Dung~ an ke' va` thang Lon^` Minh Triet no' la` con cho' ghe~ cua~ Vatican Taiwan Korea
Shi t Vietcong Vatican


#6 Jun 27, 2010
Vatican Magrette Holland lick asss hole of VietCong and f ucking Ng Tan^' Dung~ lick asss hole of Taiwan
Dog Denmark Taiwan Dutch

Inawashiro, Japan

#7 Jun 28, 2010
Small eyes dogs, Holland Denmark pigs, Vatican are disturbing. Wherever has shi t, wherever has small eyes dogs, Holland Denmark, Vatican ...

Cai' lu~ cho' hi' Taiwan, Korea, Denmark, Holland la` cai' lu~ lam` phien^` Bat^' cu' noi nao co' CUC' la` noi do' co' Taiwan, Dan Mach, Korea, Ha` Lan, Vatican

Dis me tui bay^ chet^' het^' di cho dep troi`!!!
Dis vao Lon Mat Go Ret

Iwaki, Japan

#8 Jun 29, 2010
South VietNam is Khmer Kingdom land. Nationality of South VietNam is Khmer

Mat Go Ret (Denmark), Henry (Holland), Chinese, Taiwanese, North Viet, Korean dogs go away !

Do not be noisy in Khmer Krom
Dis me may

Inawashiro, Japan

#9 Jun 29, 2010
Thang Lon^` Spam cho' de~ Denmark Holland Indosia mat^' day khon^' nan...
F uck off Indo Holland

Tokyo, Japan

#10 Jun 30, 2010
Dis me lu~ cho' ghe~ Holland Denmark Indo Korea mat^' day spam news

F uck you


#11 Jun 30, 2010
F uck off, wherever has shi t and Pigs, wherever has Denmark USA Bag Packers and small eyes onion Chinese Korea Taiwan ... Spam Cows !

Dis me tui bay cho^~ nao` co' cuc' va` HEO Nai' la co' lu~ cho' Tay^ Ba Lo^ va` Hi' Ba Tau` Trau^ Bo` Am Chi` Dia Nguc
Dis me DPJ

Tokyo, Japan

#12 Jul 1, 2010
North Viet Communist is the animal !

North Vietnam Communist and DPJ Governments could not steal ODA of Japan so they slander that original South Vietnamese ( Khmer Krom peoples ) were thieves, terrorism

The most thief and terrorism in the world are North Vietnam Communist Government officers and the reaction DPJ Government, itch dogs of Korean and China, CIA Denmark !

F uck off North Viet Communist, DPJ of Korean ! Get out of my Southern Khmer Krom as soon as. You go to eat Shi t in the Hell !

Cong San Vietnam la mot lu~ cho' de~

Nha nuoc Cong San VietNam va Dang DPJ NhutBan khong^ an cuop' duoc ODA cua~ nguoi Nhut thi vu khong^' cho dan Vietnam la an cuop' khung~ bo^'

AN CUOP va KHUNG BO^' nhut tren TG nay^` la` quan chuc' Cong San VietNam va Dang DPJ, con cho' ghe~ cua~ Trung Quoc, Korea va CIA My~ Dan Mach

Dis me tui bay cut' ra khoi~ xu' Nam Bo^ cua~ tau ngay lap tuc... Tui bay di an CUC' Chet^' het^' di !
Dis Me Bung Doi Cac Nung

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

#13 Jul 1, 2010
Because Japanese government are hungry stomatch but horny d ick

That is why they were easily cheat by North Communist VietCong which are the mafia pimp.

If you want to open your knowledges, just ask the Taxi driver. They are the dictionary about life for you.

Japanese men are always cheat by pimps when they travel alone in Vietnam.

Can Tho is dangerous city which many prostitutes. That is why CanTho bridge which Japan ODA was broken and Jap contruction company must pay 100,000,000 USD for Mafia North Communist Vietnam .

Now, Railway will be the next lesson 1,000,000,000 USD for the stupid horny dic k, hungry stomatch of Japanese DPJ dogs !

Let see ...

Dis me thang gia LasVegas

Hanoi, Vietnam

#14 Jul 3, 2010
Japan do not have anything to trade because they only clean SHI T for VietCong Prostitutes in Ba Bo Canal, Tau Hu Canal in South VietNam

What a poor and stupid small eyes dogs !


Tui bay^ co' cai' Lon^` kho, Lon^` uot' Lon^` que` gi` de^~ tau chom^ chia~ hah ?

Dis me nuoc NhutBan la mot nuoc N GU XUAN^~, thieu^' no Xa Hoi Den day dau day co^~, dan ba thi` di lam di~, dan ong thi di liem^' Lon^` boi~ vay no' moi bi day` qua Nam Viet Nam don nuoc' CUC' kinh Ba Bo`, kinh Tau` Hu~ cho chet^ me no' lun

Dis me mat' hi' N GU nhu con BO`!


Tau noi' roi^`, NhutBan hay tiep tuc don CUC' cho Viet Cong va ban' Toilet rua~ dit' TOTO thoi chu' ban' Xe Lua~ cai' Lon^` ma' may^` cai' gi hah ?

Dis me thang gia LasVegas

Hanoi, Vietnam

#15 Jul 3, 2010
What a STUPID Jap Korean small eyes dogs which only lick asssshole of VietCong and Western bag packing tourist men Tay Ba Lo^

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