I wud let people knoe that opposition members in AFC Facebook group are very vindictive and they do not take criticism of Mark Benschop or Frederick Kissoon.
The AFC members r justifying and promoting violence and are also harassing people who question the authority of Mark Benschop, Frederick Kissoon, Khemraj Ramjattan or Christopher Ram.
People shud contact Christopher Ram's family because Christopher Ram was the mastermind of the budget cuts and that is causing protests in Guyana:

Ena Ram:
savitri.ena at facebook.com
http://www.fa cebook dot com/savitri.ena

Christopher Rajendra Ram:
chris.r.ram1 at facebook.com
http://www.fa cebook dot com/chris.r.ram1

Christelle Ram-

Christopher Ram's cocaine wife and children shud be held accountable for the violence and instability in Guyana because of his budget cuts 2012 proposals.