San Lucas Fan wrote:
I have a few comments for all of you:
1. I have been to this same place in Guatemala nearly 1/2 dozen times. It is an amazing community outreach mission that buys land for the native people, employs 1000's of people and helps give skills to those who need employment. When you visit this place, you get the opportunity to work along side the Guatemalans in the village AND you learn an important lesson on 3rd world countries, poverty and the struggle of how to best help. It is wonderful that the Vis girls are taking the time to go help and learn in this beautiful country.
2. Weather Happens. End of story. I've been stranded in my own home due to bad weather. When you travel, you chance getting stuck. If we had mudslides in Minnesota, they would also be stranded.
3. Graduation at Vis is special and is a tradition. With such a small class size, graduation would not be the same with the missing 16 young women.
4. Thank you Visitation for doing this trip yearly. It is great that you give your students the opportunity to serve both locally, and internationally.
Well said!!!