Why are El Salvadorian people do not like MEXICANS??

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Savannah, GA

#3 Jul 24, 2006
I can guess that the person who told you that is from the Los Angeles area, where the majority of the hispanic population is Mexican. And I can tell you from personal experience that I did experience some form of discrimination from mexicans, because Salvadorians are a lesser group in the area. People were constantly arguing over who came from a better country. Honestly if the country we came from is so great then we would not have left. Now none of that stopped me from having all mexican best friends. I think it's the older generations that have those type of ideas. To me a hispanic is a hispanic whereever they came from they become americans once they are here.

Liverpool, PA

#4 Nov 30, 2006
salvadorians rock!





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Dallas, TX

#5 Nov 30, 2006
LORENA wrote:
Because Mexican immigrants are jealous of the success of Salvadorian immigrants in the U.S.! Mexicans have migrated into the U.S. since the early 1900's because of poverty. Salvadorians on the other hand have migrated into the U.S. since the early 1980's because of the civil war. Salvadorians have achieved more well in a short time than Mexicans. Most Salvadorians who migrated in the 1980's have already bought houses in the U.S.! And most Mexicans who migrated in the 1980's are still leaving in apartments or crowded houses.
Salvadorians don't discrimated against Mexicans, they only see them as under achievers!
You have to understand that Mexican immigrants for the most part are peasants.





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jazzy fizzle

Fort Worth, TX

#6 Dec 7, 2006
mexicans rock





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Nanuet, NY

#7 Dec 12, 2006
salvadorians don't discriminate against mexicans,
mexicans discriminate against salvadorians,I dont know why,both races are hispanics, they are supposed to get along.NO RACE IS SUPPERIOR.salvadorians do nothing wrong to mexicans, I don't know why some mexicans do wrong things to salvadorians

Nanuet, NY

#8 Dec 12, 2006
Not all mexicans are bad,at the same time, not all salvadoreans are bad, these are the kinds of people that get along.I am a mexican that lived in El Salvador for 5 years and its not a bad country.I am part mexican part salvadorean. I go to El salvador when I get the chance,and also to Mexico.Both countries are great countries.





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Nanuet, NY

#9 Dec 12, 2006
later, maybe when the USA gets invaded by some other nation,

United States

#12 Apr 27, 2007
salvadorians don't like mexicans because they descriminate salvadorians that's why

United States

#13 May 1, 2007
I love hispanos dosent matter where were from we are all the same. I think latino men are the best men and I want my kids to be full latinos so im stayn with latiinos forever! latino prde!

Washington, DC

#14 May 6, 2007
yeah wrote:
salvadorians rock!
salvadoreans rock all the way

Washington, DC

#15 May 6, 2007
well people believe what they believe i believe we like who we like and thats it.
Argentina is worthless

United States

#16 May 8, 2007
Jonathan wrote:
Mexicans and Slavarors are different on the basis that most salvos are ugly and Indian and on the other hand mexicans are ugly and from oaxaca hahaha pitty for you two
PS:Argentina Rocks!!!!!
nah yo messed up if i had you next tah me i would mess you up like you neveer had been before loser talkin all dis crap hatin on us
Argentina is worthless

United States

#17 May 8, 2007
Argentina sucks love sexy salvadorena

United States

#19 May 10, 2007
i think that it dont matter where you come from we both speak spanish and both of our countries love their heritage and their roots from where they came from. so if u sayn that Mexico is better ur wrong El Salvadro is a great place to be in im not saying its perfect but just saying that its a great place u knoe? it got pristine waters and realy humble people. Im from El Salvador and im representing ma roots and im also representing Mexicans so we all equal ok? well laters ppl take care of urselfs.

Columbia, MO

#23 May 25, 2007
many mexicans dont like salvadorians because they hear them talk alot of shit about how gangster they are and all this shit try'n to copy the chicano lifestyle

Laguna Beach, CA

#24 May 28, 2007
That's not true I don't hate Mexicans, but I wouldn't necessarily say I love them either. I just canít stand the stereotype Mexicans who try to act all tough, dressing like cholos and taking pride in that. However, increasingly more and more Salvadorians are doing that, like the MS people. Luckily those MS gangsters are being deported and sent to jail in El Salvador. I also canít stand the fact that Mexicans out of mostly all the Hispanics in general donít try as hard to assimilate to the American way of life. Constantly waving their flag, this is America the only flag that should be waved is the American one. Besides that I usually get along with the Mexicans who arenít cholos.

P.S. To the Argentinean dude whatís wrong with people in El Salvador and Mexico coming from Indian blood, we also have Spanish blood. Just because the majority of your country is made up of white people does not make you better.

Corona, CA

#26 May 30, 2007
to me, yes we are all hispanic, its tha same thing! even though yes...we may have different traditions and some maybe have different religions! but i really dont have nothin at all against salvadorians, because i have many friends that are salvi and a couple relatives...and you see im half mexican n half spanish! but i do realize some mexicans do say things that are not needed to say to tha salvi's...but in tha end were all LATINOS!!!!!! OHH AND ALL THOSE PEPS WHO ARE ARGENTINEAN, STOP TALKING SHIT...CUZ THA TRUTH IS U GUYS ARE STUCK WIT US...CUZ U GUYS ARE LATINOS 2...SO STOP CREATING STUPID DRAMA!!! P.S. MEXICAN PRIDE!:D

Pawtucket, RI

#28 May 31, 2007
The way Marya express her opinoin about Mexicans and Salvadoreans is the reality I lived in LA for 20 years and is true that the older Mexicans have that conviction of who is better, and to that we add the pride of the Salvadoreans you get a hot salsa. We all are latinos and some of my friends are mexicans and they did not have that nuckle head attitude. I am glad that the younger generation can see the diference and make a tronger society for the benefit of our kids.

Pawtucket, RI

#29 May 31, 2007
your attitude will meausure your altitude.
No matter where you from is your education and knowledge of your background that will tell you that we all are latinos and that those that believe in blue royal blood sorry to wake you up you fools your blood is red as ours, so get over it.
Real men and women don't pride in color, religion or country of origin. We all are latinos whether you like it or not, and there is no superior or inferior level.
Variety but yet One

Los Angeles, CA

#30 Jun 2, 2007
Wow this is horrible... I can't believe how one can be so horrific with one another...Mexican, Salvadorean, Argentian, Cubano, Brazilian, it doean't matter we are looked as latinos all together. Do u really think when someone from this orgin looks at us they stop to think about who we r??? They don't care in their eyes we are only peole who speak Spanish and asume we are Mexican... Basically from experience i and many friends have always been considered Mexican and thats it... But in reality yes my mother is from Mexico but my Father is from El Salvador, and im from here the U.S. but just because i have brown skin im considered Mexican when im really Mexican-Salvadorean-American.

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