i hate burma and burmese people?

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Werribee, Australia

#1 Oct 20, 2012
I hate Burma and Burmese people.


#2 Oct 20, 2012
AUNG CHIT wrote:
I hate Burma and Burmese people.
So your name is Aung Chit, Burmese name. And you hate Burma and Burmese people.
Three possibilities.
1. You are a muslim, who uses a Burmese name to fool the world that you muslims are natives of Burma. Bull*hit!. Nobody believes you. Get out of Burma. If you are already out don't ever come back.
2. You are a half caste. Your Burmese mother was forcibly converted to Islam. You are not Buddhist.
Buddhists do not entertain hatred. We don't hate you even though you hate us. We just want to live peacefully, free from muslims like you.
3. Your grandmothet, being so poor, married a muslim and was forcibly converted to Islam.
Next generation, your mother or father became automatically muslims. You muslims never give anyone freedom of choice.
You third generation of course is naturally, and unthinkingly, muslim.
Are you sunni or shiite, most likely the latter.
You now have three choices:-
a) remain a muslim but be loyal to State and society of Burma.
b) become a Buddhist after seriously studying Buddhism.
c) stay the way you are but just don't bother with Burma and Burmese people. Leave Burma. Forget Burma.
Enemy of ALLAH

Yangon, Myanmar

#3 Oct 23, 2012
I hate Islam and Muslims.
I hate Christianity and Christians.
I hate Jehovah and Jehovah's Witnesses.
I hate Catholicism and Catholic clergymen.
I hate the Roman Catholic Church and its church policy.


#4 Oct 23, 2012
Enemy of ALLAH wrote:
I hate Islam and Muslims.
I hate Christianity and Christians.
I hate Jehovah and Jehovah's Witnesses.
I hate Catholicism and Catholic clergymen.
I hate the Roman Catholic Church and its church policy.
You can hate the whole world but we Buddhist Burmese do not hate anyone. We are only defending our national identity, culture and way of life.
We wish Rohinhyas well in Bangladesh where they come from. The knife of English coloniser was the alien religions of Islam and Christianity.
Religious division had led to conflicts amongst our brethrens.
Get it right!
Robin R

Rawalpindi, Pakistan

#5 Nov 25, 2012
@Ant-colonialist got to hell. Down with burma and Islam never forces anyone to accept it's teachings. kill burma.
Anti-colonialist s

London, UK

#6 Nov 25, 2012
Robin R wrote:
@Ant-colonialist got to hell. Down with burma and Islam never forces anyone to accept it's teachings. kill burma.
So, your name is Robin, not Mohamed or Akbar? If you are truly a Robin, have you converted? Or are you being paid to malign Burma and Burmese people?
Are you very pleased that Traitor SuuKyi Aris does not declare illegal Bengali immigrants, calling themselves Rohingyas, are NOT Burmese?
Do you work for BBC?
Pakistan is as much a victim of English colonialism. Do you not understand that neo-colonialists are using divide-and-conquere again for THREE main aims:
1. curry favour with Islamists at the expense of Buddhist Burmese so that in the short term they can divert 7/7 and 9/11? But it will not work in th elong run.
2. to flex their muscle to destablise Burma, thus stalling reforms and economic progress.
3. in ensuing power vacuum weak and mealy-mouthed fake saint Traitor SuuKyi Aris becomes President, effectively a puppet of neo-colonialists.

Pakistan, do not forget Burma was a friendly state of Pakistan and it still is. there was military co-operation.
Also Pakistan had to go through military rule for several decades: remember Ayub Khan, General zia-ul-huq (blown out of the sky)

You don't know what is going on, what the oil rich Arabs state are scheming or being persuaded to scheme by the Devil.

Rohiongyas are not religious issue, but purley immigration issue.
Don't be naive.Stay friendly with Burma.
Anti-colonialist s

London, UK

#7 Nov 25, 2012
Robin R wrote:
@Ant-colonialist got to hell. Down with burma and Islam never forces anyone to accept it's teachings. kill burma.
Have you forgotten Islam rules with the SWORD !
myo chit

Yangon, Myanmar

#8 Feb 15, 2013
muslims bastards... just kill them all

Belgrade, Serbia

#9 Feb 16, 2013
myo chit wrote:
muslims bastards... just kill them all
Serbia was under the muslims for 500 years, as a colony of the Ottoman empire.
But we never forget our history and always are ready to fight back. Please study our history, history of Serbia. We had been victimised many times in history.
former Yugoslavia was a member of the non-aligned nations, called Bandung group. Please study history.

We are friends of Burma. Why not restore the glory of Burma by patriotism. Do you have surviving blood royals? thailand has a king. why not Burma? British won't let it happen?

Belgrade, Serbia

#10 Feb 16, 2013
Robin R wrote:
@Ant-colonialist got to hell. Down with burma and Islam never forces anyone to accept it's teachings. kill burma.
Islam never forces?
Go see a shrink! Or you Muslims will kill one another. True.

United States

#11 Mar 24, 2013
Burmese Buddhist do not hate? Wow thats news to me
Anto colonialist. Go and check how the very peaceful so called Buddhist monk slaughter Muslims.
Indeed Islam never forced people to convert by sword. Read the histro and western orientalist books. Yes if one does not convert then he/she had to pay Jizya. As for the westerners and non-muslims immense hatred and longing for eridication of Islam, this will never be realized. Haven't you read the mongols occupation of Baghdad and slaughtering of its population? What happen later on. Halagu Khan's cousin Berke convert to Islam and he fought and gave bloddy nose to Halagu. Its good to have fantasy and dream. But that will never materialized.

Truckee, CA

#12 Mar 26, 2013
Anti-colonialists wrote:
<quoted text>
Have you forgotten Islam rules with the SWORD !
Provide references that Islam ruled with swords.

Oceanside, CA

#13 Mar 26, 2013

Look into the Quran and read Muhammad's instruction to kill , chop , and enslave people of other religion.

Self defense and protecting others are not prohibited .

Muslims have been creating no go zones in whatever countries they infiltrated. They terrorize non Muslims in areas where there are a lot of them. In Sweden, they even stone police who set foot in there. In France they destroyed people's cities and when police arrived, they demanded self rule in those zones. In Burma, they wanted a piece of Burma to belong to Pakistan . I guess they still haven't give up today.

But the people of Burma love the country , they will not sit there and watch Muslims gangrape , rob , and terrorize .

United States

#14 Mar 30, 2013
Migrate to Burma and take part in genocide of Muslims.
Prophet Mohammed's first 13 years was under the rule of idol worshippers of Makkah like your friends in Burmese Buddhist. Its only after his migration to Madinah that Quran allowed fighting the infidels. Enlighten yourself with Quran and don't take our of context the meaning just like pastwestern orientalist.

Perth, Australia

#15 Mar 30, 2013
What is going on with all of you. We all are human being and we all deserve to live in peace. Every religious teach good thing and we should respect each other

San Diego, CA

#16 Mar 30, 2013
The devil worshipper Muhammad was kicked out of Mecca by the the people in Mecca, so he returned with his gang and ordered them to kill all those who disobeyed him.

He also taught that whoever leave the Islamic gang must be murdered , even families and relatives are encouraged to kill the person if they leave the gang.

There are hundreds of incitement from Muhammad to terrorize people of other religion to get the highest reward from him.

In surah 8, ayat 12, the Koran exhorts the Muslims to strike off the heads of the non-Muslims and to maim them in every limb.

In Surah 48, ayat 29, it says, Muhammad is Allah's apostle. Those who follow him are ruthless to the unbelievers but merciful to one another.

In surah 9, ayat 123, exhorting Muslims to make war on infidels who dwell around you, it says, Let them find harshness in you.

Devil worshippers should stop and think before killing to please the devil . When Muslims are following the incitement of Muhammad and terrorize people with mass murder and arson , is it strange that people will take action to defend themselves?

Muslims are wiping out people of other religion from areas they occupied. The Muslims are trying to wipe out Buddhist in Thailand, and Bangladesh, and the Jews everywhere. The perpetrators of genocide and caused global terrorism following the incitement of Muhammad. People are defending themselves and protecting each other when terrorized by Muhammad's Muslims. Nice attempt to invert the story!
Burma S--thole

London, UK

#17 Jun 9, 2013
Burma is a s--thole it really doesn't matter who the Burmese hate.

I have worked with Burmese before and they are all shockingly racist - but that doesn't bother me. What does bother me is how many of them are involved in criminal activities and how dirty they are.

Forget the Muslims -- there isn't a single part of Burma that doesn't have a violent secession struggle - whether it's the Kachin/Karen/Shan//Rakhine/Wa/ Kokang regions/peoples, everyone hates the Burmese with a passion. Basically they were just ruthless conquerors who went around suppressing people.

I have friends who work in relief agencies on the Thai-Burma border who can attest to how much the Burmese people (and especially the military) are hated.

Anyway if you look at all the drug-runners in the Golden Triangle they are all Burmese. Anyone who has worked with these people know they are poor and violent as &^%*.

Basically Burmese people are just scumbags.

Generally I don't like Muslims but after having met with both groups I can honestly say I have met more friendly, nice, law-abiding Muslims than Burmese.

The only reason more people don't hate Burmese is because there simply aren't that many of them (~30 million) and thank God they haven't been able to escape their poverty stricken s--thole of a country.

Trust me if there were 1.6BN Burmese the whole planet would hate them a helluva lot more than Muslims.

Yangon, Myanmar

#20 Jun 27, 2013
Hi right.your name is aung shit.sorry,hard to remember a "nobody"

Yangon, Myanmar

#21 Jun 27, 2013
@Burma S--hole or whoever your fuc*ing name is can just f*cking suck each and everyone of myanmar citizen's di*ks.can't u see u're raciam yourself for addressing our country as a sh*thole.a real Anti-raciam like me just don't ever say that the whole community is bad as a whole just because of the act of a few uneducated people.i've been to various countries oversea and not very impressed with their cultures and life style.the one who posted this question is just a freaking nobody who's all talk and no bites.,There're 3 kinds of people in myanmar,
1.who are so rich that are treated like kings which u will rarely encounter coz they don't mostly give a Fu*k what race u are.they just wanna enjoy their riches and live peacefully and leave the business dealing of their companies for international tradings to their employees.which u will never meet.
2.the disgraceful people who actually treat rich people as gods just so they can get your money.Don't worry if u encounter anyone of those type.they don't worships forginers.they act the same way in front of anyone who got their money(forginers and burmese alike).these type are the same type that went oversea to find work which are even considered an outcast amount our own race.
3.Honest people who knows the meaning of loyalty and thanks to their employers who fit into society and whose are considered a person.

trust me, real people of myanmar consider people of type 2 as outcasts that can't fit in to our society who got little money to spent and can't maintain humanity when they smell some money which many considered as pocket changes for them.A real honest burmese is too prideful to steal

@Shit aung or should I just call u shit aung, is surely a Muslim or a nobody(type 2) who is using the Internet connections from various net cafe' who just couldn't afford a computer and the Internet fee for his own.

Provincetown, MA

#22 Aug 13, 2013
You are all a bunch of ignorant haters. Don't know if there is a hell but haters should be very afraid.

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