The purpose of this email is to introduce myself and the services of our company Bhutan Home Expeditions.

Bhutan Home Expeditions is an officially recognized and licensed travel firm based in Thimphu-capital city of Bhutan. We are an inbound tour company of Bhutanese people devoted to create a remarkable travel experiences that go beyond the basic sightseeing trips.

Bhutan Home Expeditions has been started to create unique trips that will give a much closer looks of our country at the best possible value to promote sustainable tourism in Bhutan. We focus on reducing the environmental impact of travel, preserve the local cultural heritage and give direct economic opportunities for local communities. We are specialized in sharing professional background and combines passion in the environment, youth with all things sustainable.

We are an organization of Bhutanese people who have in-depth knowledge of its country. And have in the field experience of planning, organizing and operating extraordinary Eco-Friendly trips in the Home of Gross National Happiness. All trips to Bhutan are all-inclusive and guided trip and are designed to respect both the natural and cultural environment of the local places.

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Kindly email us with any inquiries as we would enjoy providing more specific information.

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Bhutan Home Expeditions
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Mobile No:+975 17429959
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