MANILA: China to Philippines: Quit Scarborough Shoal

Apr 18, 2012 Full story: Asia News Network 15,248

China has asked all Philippine vessels to leave immediately Scarborough Shoal and sent a second aircraft buzzing over the area to scare away Filipino fishermen, officials said yesterday.

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Saint Paul, MN

#9216 Aug 5, 2012
<quoted text>
ummm dummies it is the USA trying to get into the Chinese markets these days... China hasent really invested in the USA... except in your soverign debt...
the export markets are dominated by your Multinational AMERICAN corporations.... where the Chinese never really made any money off of exports compared to these multinationals anyways...
must suck to have the world pass by your pathetic lives as LOW IQ retards...
The New York Democrat wrote that he "sincerely" hopes the friendly deal between China National Offshore Oil Co. and Nexen (TSX:NXY) deal goes through and that Chinese companies continue to invest in the United States.
"But I urge you not to miss this opportunity — the largest foreign acquisition ever by a Chinese company — to hold China to the commitments it has made to provide a level playing field for U.S. companies seeking to access Chinese markets."
Although Nexen (TSX:NXY) is based in Canada, it has offshore holdings in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico and CNOOC said the deal requires approval from regulators in the U.S. Schumer says he expects that means the deal will need the blessing of CFIUS to go ahead.
Ummmmmm I never said you dont have high IQ. WaPo- China's Ministry of Public Security says it has detained nearly 2,000 people in a nationwide crackdown on counterfeit drugs, including some to treat cancer.
See how smart you chinks are. No use contesting with your IQ's.

Delta, Canada

#9217 Aug 5, 2012
Dong King Kong wrote:
<quoted text>
The consequences for china might be minimal considering the size of its economy but the rise in cost would definitely be a factor in current and future FDI's. Nice one Racist Chink!
In case of default, well, the probability is still slim. Drastic federal budget cuts is not yet visible and hence, the said event is still far-fetch. In any case, if and when they decides to implement cuts, social securities, health and education will be the first to feel the crunch. That is a reality and it is being done now, albeit every year regardless of its necessity.
Anyway, a default in interest payments does really have its consequences. They have to pay extra cost just to make it happen. But why go to default when you can have it restructured before maturity?
The case of Argentina is different because their economy then was then crippled by debts. Taxes collected is insufficient to pay off maturing debts as well as make interest payments. Compare to the American economy today, though kinda slow and below expectation, the reality of a default is still not going to happen. The worst scenario will be for them to restructure and raise taxes. Yet still, the possibility of having one is always there.
For goodness sake chink! The US of A have been able to give bail outs in trillions just to save a couple of corporations in 2008 and then you chinks bragged of your trillion?
Dumb APE just stop it... you are all talk... and obviously look at only facts that fit in with your low IQ mind...

when the USA defaults on its debt... China will have no choice but unpeg their Yuan too the Dollar anyways...

as for why they have not right now.... and why should they?

they are doing nothing countless other countries are doing with the US dollar being the world reserve currency... pegging their currency to the worlds reserve currency

pretty soon it wont matter anyways as China has stated they will not have a trade surplus by 2014

like you, the retarded Americans need to get it into their thick heads... it isnt about the Currency since the Yuan has appreciated

more than 18% against the US dollar in the last 5 years...

its because Americans have become lazy and make nothing... not unlike you Filipino APES who are lazy and beg for money

China is fast relying on its domestic market... and recently has stated to the USA ... thats its better there is a uneven recovery apposed to a even recession...

all indicators are showing China cant save the world economy but it dosent have to it just needs to save itself...

I heard the same crap spouted out in 2008 when the USA crashed the world markets... China having to shutter 100 thousand factories and 20 million Chinese went out of work...

well China never opened those factories back up...

like it or not by 2018 your american savior will be looking at 1 trillion dollars a year in interest payments on its National debt...

by 2018 medicare cost up to 1 trillion dollars

also by 2018 its Social Security will stop taking in more money than it pays out....thus it will need to dip into its social security reserves, only to find a big fat IOU from the Tresury department

by 2018 China will have gotten rid of its polluting low end manufacturers...

by 2014 it will stop having a trade surplus...

so there will be no need for China to prop up the dollar...

and every reason for the Chinese to let the Yuan appreciate and give its people a stronger Yuan and better buying power, to bolster its domestic economy

there is nothing to smile about when it comes to the USA... dumb walking APE

btw dumb APE yes the USA gave out trillions of dollars, money they dont have and cant pay back...

but then you are a APE from a beggar nation only understand the begging for money part

Delta, Canada

#9218 Aug 5, 2012
Lan Heng Min: uneven recovery in the recession better than the balance

Published: 23:01:39 November 22,2011 Views: 24 Chinese Version

Economic Herald commentator blue Hengmin

Vice Premier Wang Qishan at the 22nd Sino-US Joint Commission, said,'The current global economic situation is still grim, to ensure that economic recovery is the overriding task, uneven recovery is better than the balance of the recession.' Hu had to think In his speech at the G20 summit said, to ensure strong economic growth must be the primary task of the leaders of the world, it can be concluded: strong growth has become China's leaders are most concerned about. ...

Saint Paul, MN

#9219 Aug 5, 2012
WaPo- China's Ministry of Public Security says it has detained nearly 2,000 people in a nationwide crackdown on counterfeit drugs, including some to treat cancer. They tried to make bogus train tickets in Italy, they cheated casinos in the PH and they are making a fraudulent claim on PH territury.
The chinks has talent for fraud and stealing.

And they tried to steal fish on russain territory. They got high IQ's and they got nerves.

Delta, Canada

#9220 Aug 5, 2012
Last month, I was on BBC World News to discuss the eurozone debt crisis and whether Chinese consumers can make a difference in the world economy. My discussion partner Johathon Holslag from the Brussels Institute of Contemporary China Studies argued that Chinese consumption is still far below its production, and people should not be over optimistic about China rescuing the world economy.

Yes, official statistics show that consumption is only 34 percent of China’s GDP (compared to 70 percent in the U.S.). While the West’s economy is imbalanced with over-spending, the Chinese economy is imbalanced with under-consumption. However, this dynamic is changing. When I travel in China, I can clearly see the consumption boom in China’s large and small cities. Retail has been growing like a wildfire in recent years.

^ like I said China dosent have to save the world just itself...
Americans so easily FOOL

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

#9221 Aug 5, 2012
Dong King Kong wrote:
<quoted text>
Sorry Grand Sire! But I cannot comment on this post. I have seen the footage and I am in no position to comment. It's a personal thing between him and the network anchors.
As long you are Joe's public, STOP pretending you know enough to answer this!
It needs brain and you haven't got any to begin with? hahahahah

You basically a chinaman pretending to be PINOY low IQ CEV in disguise as Donkey Kong or whatever you wish to call yourself as your comments have NO BEARING on Philippines Politics!
The RICHES merely have to pay you off for their support! Hahahaha
That's your class! I believe Aquino III was funded by the USA precisely for that purpose: TO take away the PINYOY INDEPENDENCE!!!

I also posted that article to show you there NO DIFFERENCES in opinion by people of higher IQ than those low IQ trolling around here posting their NONSENSE! hahahahahah
Americans so easily FOOL

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

#9222 Aug 5, 2012
Grouch wrote:
<quoted text>
And let's not forget what the Japanese did to the Chinese time around. The Japanese are superior fighters to Chinese which has been proved time and time again and once the Japs re-arm, the Chinks will be shitting in their pants.
Don't fcuk with the Japs because you'll lose against them.
With a mindset like that, you probably THINK the WW2 Brits veterans and their families were NOT SODOMIZED, RAPED, TORTURED ands MURDERED by the IMPERIALIST JAPANESE ARMY! Hahahahah

Japanese Soldiers were crying like babies towards the end of the world and your ancestors were slaughtered by the local peasants all over ASIA for being accomplices in the worst crimes against humanities.

How can we blame you unless you checked your own DNA, those rapists could be your grandada!!! The shameful family secret. Now their descendants idolised their penetrators as HERO!!!!


Saint Paul, MN

#9223 Aug 5, 2012
WaPo- China's Ministry of Public Security says it has detained nearly 2,000 people in a nationwide crackdown on counterfeit drugs, including some to treat cancer. They tried to make bogus train tickets in Italy, they cheated casinos in the PH and they are making a fraudulent claim on PH territury.
The chinks has talent for fraud and stealing.

And they tried to steal fish on russain territory. They always claim they got high IQ's and they got nerves. Money is all the chinkys have in their minds,
Americans so easily FOOL

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

#9224 Aug 5, 2012
typing error... too fast

I also posted that article to show you there are a BIG DIFFERENCES in opinion by people of higher IQ than those low IQ trolling around here posting their NONSENSE! hahahahahah
Americans so easily FOOL

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

#9225 Aug 5, 2012
One of his articles he wrote and he is RIGHT about many thing?

Why I won’t vote for Noynoy?

If we were watching a basketball game, we would now be in the last two minutes. The May 10 elections is only less than two weeks away, and anything can still happen.
Despite what the poll surveys say, I still believe that it is a four-cornered fight among Liberal Party standard bearer Senator Benigno Aquino III, Nacionalista Party standard bearer Senator Manuel Villar, former President Joseph Estrada of the Pwersa ng Masang Pilipino and even administration candidate former Defense Secretary Gilberto Teodoro.

I have been a journalist for over half a century and I have covered elections since as early as the Laurel-Quirino fight. I know for a fact that there are so many imponderable factors in Philippine elections.

These imponderable factors are vote buying (especially in the provinces), cheating in spite of an automated election, command votes, violence, failure of the Precinct Count Optical Scan machines, disenfranchisement of voters, power outages and even the weather. Hence, I would prefer not to predict a winner at this point.

Santa Banana, despite avowals by the Commission on Elections and sectors guarding our ballots, and while I’m hoping for the best, I also know for a fact that old habits die hard. We should also not forget the Golden Rule in Philippine elections—he who has the gold rules!


The only thing I’m sure of is that I will not vote for Aquino. I’ve cited my reasons so many times before. I will say them again.

First and foremost are perceptions (or rumors) that Noynoy is mentally unstable, having been autistic at an earlier age. He has repeatedly refused to undergo a psychiatric exam if only to prove his critics wrong.

And then, at the age of 26, he reportedly violated the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act by putting up a security agency (bearing his initials, BSA) with his uncle-in-law Len Oreta. The company cornered contracts with sequestered companies during the incumbency of his late mother President Cory Aquino. If this is not conflict of interest, I don’t know what is.

My gulay, Noynoy even had the gall to list the presidential residence on Arlegui Street as the company’s official address!

And then there are the Hacienca Luisita massacres and the Kamaganak Inc. I was among the latter’s victims. I was co-founder of Erectors Inc.(with the late Transportation Minister Totoy Dans). My investment of P200,000 disappeared into thin air.

The same group which comprised Noynoy’s security agency reportedly grabbed an insurance company owned by a Chinese-Filipino who was accused by the Marcos dictators of something. The group then went on to corner, together with the Government Service Insurance System, all insurance contracts of government firms.

Santa Banana, some people really laughed all the way to the bank. The big scam at the time was the GSIS’ striking an insurance deal with Lloyds of London. Can you imagine the kickbacks that some people must have had?

This is why I can’t stomach voting for the son of Ninoy and Cory.

“China, follow Internat'l Law!”

Since: Jun 12

United States of America

#9226 Aug 5, 2012
Seventh, ancient Chinese texts which mention
the South China Sea islands mention those islands as foreign lands, not
as China’s territories, and do not describe which activities the
authority of ancient China exercised on the islands. Therefore, there is
no proof of China’s jurisdiction over the islands. In the case of
Scarborough shoal, China argued that Kublai Khan’s officials were the
first to map out and to establish jurisdiction over those islands in
1279. However, Kublai Khan was the Great Khan of the Mongol Empire who
conquered China. If any country can inherit Scarborough shoal from
Kublai Khan, it is Mongolia, not China.
In 1279, Kublai Khan’s
officials neither “discovered” nor “established jurisdiction” over
Scarborough shoal because that place was already the historic water and
traditional fishing ground of Filipino fishermen, descendants of the
Austronesian sailors who navigated the South China Sea and populated the
Philippines in 5000-2500 BC. Scarborough shoal was known as “bajio de
Masinloc”, meaning shoal of Masinloc, in a Spanish-made map of the
Philippines in 1734. Masinloc is not a Spanish word and is the name of a
municipality on the Philippines’ main island, confirming that Filipino
fishermen had been to and had named the islands after their own tongue
for centuries.

Eighth, official maps of the Yuan Dynasty and Ching
Dynasty, including but not limited to Da Qing Zhi Sheng Quan Tu
(published in 1862) and Huang Chao Yi Tong Yu Di Zen Du (published in
1894), show that the southernmost extent of China ends at Hainan islands

Finally, the Chinese empire originated on the Yellow
river basin and eventually conquered many lands and peoples, including
Tibet and Sinkiang, which is why China is a multiethnic, multi-languages
country. At the time when China allegedly discovered the South China
Sea islands, China’s border on the mainland was not what it is today,
Tibet and Sinkiang were independent countries of the Tibetans and the
Uyghurs, respectively. If China is serious about its historical claim, it
should return to its historical border on the mainland, return Tibet and
Sinkiang to the Tibetans and the Uyghurs, respectively.

knows that her arguments for claiming sovereignty over the South China
Sea and all the islands in that water are baseless, which is why China
refused the Philippines’ invitation to submit the dispute to an
international court.



As for claims to the South China Sea and its islands based on visits by fishermen ignore the fact that commerce in that sea, and into and across the Indian Ocean was run by Malay vessels and crews hundreds of years before Chinese mariners and merchants ventured far from their coast. Chinese Buddhist pilgrims to Sri Lanka went on Malay boats via Java or Sumatra. Nearly two thousand years ago Roman merchants brought spice island products from southern India whence they had been brought by Malay and Indian sailors. At much the same time, Malays with 20-meter ships with outriggers were crossing the southern part of the Indian Ocean, settling the huge island of Madagascar and leaving marks in Africa. Even today, after migration from Africa, Arabia and India, Madagascar’s human gene pool is 50 percent Austronesian and its language 80 percent.
The modern states that are the successors of those seafaring, migrant and trading Malays lack – unlike the Chinese – the written records to show their history. Nor is there much local elite awareness in those nations of their histories prior to the arrival of Islam and, very soon afterwards, of European traders and imperialists. But advances in archaeology, in genetics and other sciences which can make up for gaps in written history, are beginning to make the broad Malay world better aware of its past and of its right both to contest Chinese claims and resist further Han expansion into Southeast Asia.

“China, follow Internat'l Law!”

Since: Jun 12

United States of America

#9227 Aug 5, 2012

Chinese assertion based on historical claims must be substantiated by a clear historic title. It should be noted that under public international law, historical claims are not historical titles. A claim by itself, including historical claim, could not be a basis for acquiring a territory.

Under international law, the modes of acquiring a territory are: discovery, effective occupation, prescription, cession, and accretion. Also, under public international law, for a historical claim to mature into a historical title, a mere showing of long usage is not enough.

Other criteria have to be satisfied such as that the usage must be open, continuous, adverse or in the concept of an owner, peaceful and acquiesced by other states. Mere silence by other states to one's claim is not acquiescence under international law. Acquiescence must be affirmative such that other states recognize such claim as a right on the part of the claimant that other states ought to respect as a matter of duty. There is no indication that the International community have acquiesced to China's so-called historical claim.

In relation to name giving and maps, name-giving (or names in general) and placing of land features on maps, these are also not bases in determining sovereignty. In International case law relating to questions of sovereignty and ownership of land features, names and maps are not significant factors in the determination of international tribunals' determination of sovereignty.

Under international law, fishing rights is not a mode of acquiring sovereignty (or even sovereign rights) over an area. Neither could it be construed that the act of fishing by Chinese fishermen is a sovereign act of a State nor can be considered as a display of State authority. Fishing is an economic activity done by private Individuals. For occupation to be effective there has to be clear demonstration of the intention and will of a state to act as sovereign and there has to be peaceful and continuous display of state authority, which the Philippines has consistently demonstrated.

Besides when UNCLOS took effect, it has precisely appropriated various maritime zones to coastal states, thus eliminating so called historical waters and justly appropriating the resources of the seas to Coastal States to which said seas are appurtenant.'Traditional fishing rights" is in fact mentioned only in Article 51 of UNCLOS, which calls for archipelagic states to respect such rights, if such exist, in its archipelagic waters.

It should also be noted, that in this particular case, the activities of these so-called fishermen can be hardly described as fishing. The evidence culled by the Philippine Navy showed clearly that these are poaching activities involving the harvesting of endangered marine species which is illegal in the Philippines and illegal under international law, specifically the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).

“China, follow Internat'l Law!”

Since: Jun 12

United States of America

#9228 Aug 5, 2012
The Chinese think the older the map, the stronger it is as evidence.

Assuming that the Chinese really have the 1270's map in their possession and presents it as evidence, the document proves the Chinese MAY have discovered the shoal back then and documented it.

But the Philippines is using the 1600's map not for determining who mapped the area first, but to prove that they exercised effective jurisdiction of the area since the1600's.

Some European Maps

1. - Spain (Treaty of Paris Party)

2. - Spain

3. - Italy

Who wins the legal battle then when these two evidences are presented? Obviously, the Philippines!

Effective jurisdiction supersedes discovery in any territorial claim.

Chinese historical claims are not recognized under international law.

The 1279 surveying point mentioned in Guo Shoujing's (chinese astronomer) work was actually a place along the coast of central Vietnam NOT the Scarborough shoal.(p.202 of Guo Shoujing pingzhuan, Nanjing University Press, 2003).

How can a 1279 Yuan dynasty map be a basis of today’s claim of territorial ownership? Like what I have pointed out, Italy cannot claim most of Europe today based on Alexander the Great's Roman Empire hundreds of years ago. That is also true with what Gheng His Khan and Napoleon Bonaparte conquered territories in Asia and Europe also hundreds or thousands of years ago.

Again, historical claims are not recognized in international law.

It doesn't matter who can produce the oldest map because old maps do not determine today's boundaries! What's important is that international law (based on international customs and treaties such as UNCLOS) sides with the Philippines. China cannot claim Scarborough as an integral part of its territory or its baseline because Scarborough is a shoal that is INCAPABLE OF SUPPORTING PERMANENT HUMAN SETTLEMENT.

Fact: Chinese historical claim is based on a HOAX. NO Chinese official or scholar have ever identified the specific historical document supporting Beijing's claim. The rest of the world relies on EVIDENCE. All the official Chinese Imperial Maps that I've seen show that the southernmost extent of China ends at Hainan islands.

The Chinese claims they have been fishing there since ancient times. Let me ask you these questions:

Again we are talking about Ancient Times

1. How many weeks or months does it take for a small Chinese fishing vessel without motor and relying on the wind alone to reach Scarborough Shoal or Spratlys and back?

2. What do they fish there and what do they bring back to China after months WITHOUT REFRIGERATION?

3. You don't have enough fish near China that you have to go alllllllllllllllllllll the way to the Philippines to fish huh? Since ancient times???

So funny. Common sense please.

Under international law, fishing rights is not a mode of acquiring sovereignty (or even sovereign rights) over an area. Neither could it be construed that the act of fishing by Chinese fishermen is a sovereign act of a state nor can be considered as a display of state authority. Fishing is an economic activity done by private individuals. For occupation to be effective, there has to be clear demonstration of the intention and will of a state to act as sovereign, and there has to be a peaceful and continuous display of state authority, which the Philippines has consistently demonstrated.

“China, follow Internat'l Law!”

Since: Jun 12

United States of America

#9229 Aug 5, 2012
The historical facts are that the Chinese were latecomers to navigation in the South China Sea and beyond. They were invisible before the Tang Dynasty, and although vast amounts have been written about Chinese expeditions under Admiral Zheng around Asia and across the Indian Ocean to Africa in the early 15th century, these occurred more than a thousand years after Malay seafarers began to cross the Indian Ocean.

When Chinese Buddhist pilgrims like Faxian went to Sri Lanka in the 5th century, they went in ships owned and operated by Malay peoples. Ships from what is now the Philippines traded with Funan, a state in what is now southern Vietnam, 1,000 years before the Yuan dynasty. China makes much of the early 15th century expeditions of Zheng He to the Indian Ocean and Africa. But Indonesians had been crossing that ocean at least 1,000 years earlier, settling in Madagascar, the fourth-largest island in the world. Their twin-outrigger ships enabled quite swift passage across the ocean, and the Indonesians also left their mark on the coast of Africa before being supplanted by Indian and then Arab traders.

“The seafaring history of the region at least for the first millennium of the current era was dominated by the ancestors of today's Indonesians, Malaysians, Filipinos and (less directly) Vietnamese (Austronesian Chams).” This statement at least is supported by current historical and anthropological knowledge.(Victor T. King,“Ethnolinguistic Groups of Southeast Asia,” inSoutheast Asia: A Historical Encyclopedia, from Angkor Wat to East Timor, ed. Ooi Keat Gin, pp. 492-498, Santa Barbara, California: ABC-CLIO, Inc., 2004). known as the Spratlys, Palawan, and up to the Visayas and Manila.


Just because China have old maps showing islands and shoals on their ancient maps doesn't mean it is theirs. They identified these shoals and islands as navigational tools. They went through these waters to trade or on their way to trade, not to claim these places as theirs. They needed to identify the shoals and other shallow waters as a warning so that their ships will not go aground.

The tendency of the Communist Party government in China, as elsewhere, to rewrite history to reflect changes in personnel or ideology is well known. Less noticed, however, is the tendency to rewrite national history to justify expansionist foreign policies. The recent stand-off between Chinese and Philippine ships is a case in point.
China’s case as expounded by the Foreign Ministry is one where the only history that matters is Han Chinese. Its claim reads:“It is China who first discovered Huangyan Island” and “drew into China’s map in China’s Yuan dynasty (1271-1368AD)”. This is like Europeans claiming that they got to Australia before the Aboriginals or the Americas before Native Americans.

The weakness of China’s case explains why it is not prepared to discuss overlapping claims with its regional neighbors as a group, and why it will not submit South China Sea issues to international arbitration under the terms of the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea. In the case of the (never inhabited) Scarborough Shoal, its claims would almost certainly be rejected.
Americans so easily FOOL

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

#9230 Aug 5, 2012
This is the FALLACY of DEMOCRACY and that is why I do not believe in it!
And for it to succeed, the ruling class needs a DEPENDANT CLASS - the poor in order to bribe them to VOTE for them!!!!
Benigno Aquino III hated this man who exposed him.

Emil Jurado

As I’ve said so many times before, all elections are local. People in the provinces, and even in many areas of the National Capital region, don’t really care who will make it as president, vice president and even senators.

This is why national candidates rely on local politicians to carry them.

I have to say it, but the Philippines is still very much a FEUDALISTIC state. People in the provinces RELY much on local leaders to provide food on the table, livelihood, education and health care.

That’s why the campaign line of local candidates is:“If you are in trouble and you go to me for help, I also WANT YOUR help to vote for somebody I am endorsing.”

And that means money for local politicians. In fact, the rivalry is so heated in some areas that there is bloodshed. To local politicians, funding is survival —it spells the difference between victory and defeat.

My gulay, why do you think movie icon Fernando Poe Jr. lost? The usual talk is that he was cheated but in reality, his funding dried up!


Commission on Elections Chairman Jose Melo should not be pressured by business sectors identified with the Yellow Brigade of Noynoy and other segments of society to have a manual count of the May 10 polls.

If Melo and his fellow commissioners relent and submit to this pressure, they in effect would be admitting that automation will not work, and that would be a reflection on the credibility and integrity of the Comelec after it paid P7.1 billion to Smartmatic to give us an automated election.

The only reason I see why Noynoy’s fanatics are insisting on manual count and audit is that they don’t trust Comelec to give us a credible election.

They are also trying to make a connection between the possible results of the automated count and what happened in the 1986 snap elections. This was one of the triggers of the Edsa Revolution.

“China, follow Internat'l Law!”

Since: Jun 12

United States of America

#9231 Aug 5, 2012
International Law and the Philippines' Claim


Archipelago is defined as a sea or part of a sea studded with islands, often synonymous with island groups, or as a large group of islands in an extensive body of water, such as sea.

In various conferences of the United Nations on the Law of the Sea, the Philippines and other archipelago states proposed that an archipelagic state composed of groups of islands forming a state is a single unit, with the islands and the waters within the baselines as internal waters. By this concept (archipelagic doctrine), an archipelago shall be regarded as a single unit, so that the waters around, between, and connecting the islands of the archipelago, irrespective of their breadth and dimensions, form part of the internal waters of the state, subject to its exclusive sovereignty.

Despite the opposition of maritime powers, the Philippines and four other states (Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Fiji and Bahamas) got the approval in the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea held in Jamaica last December 10, 1982. They were qualified as archipelagic states. The archipelagic doctrine is now incorporated in Chapter IV of the said convention. It legalizes the unity of land, water and people into a single entity

The Philippines bolstered the archipelagic principle in defining its territory when it included in Article 1 of the 1987 Constitution the following:
"The national territory comprises the Philippine Archipelago, with all the islands and waters embraced therein xxx"; and
"The waters around, between and connecting the islands of the archipelago, regardless of their dimensions, form part of the internal waters of the Philippines."

On the strength of these assertions, the Philippines Archipelago is considered as one integrated unit instead of being divided into more than seven thousand islands. The outermost of our archipelago are connected with straight baselines and all waters inside the baselines are considered as internal waters. This makes the large bodies of waters connecting the islands of the archipelago like Mindanao Sea, Sulu Sea and the Sibuyan Sea part of the Philippines as its internal waters, similar to the rivers and lakes found within the islands themselves.

The archipelagic principle however is subject to the following limitations:

a) respect for the right of the ship and other states to pass through the territorial as well as archipelagic waters
b) respect to right of innocent passage
c) respect for passage through archipelagic sea lanes subject to the promulgation by local authorities of pertinent rules and regulation

The Philippine Archipelago

In other words, the Spratly Islands and Scarborough Shoal are part of the PHILIPPINE ARCHIPELAGO.

CHINA is not an archipelago.

The Spratly Islands are very close to the Island of PALAWAN, therefore, the Philippines, the Spratly Islands, and the Island of Palawan together with Scarborough Shoal per UN Convention Chapter IV is a single unit.

There is no doubt that the Spratly Islands and Scarborough Shoal are part of the PHILIPPINE ARCHIPELAGO.




Americans so easily FOOL

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

#9232 Aug 5, 2012
This returnee arrived from USA and immediately set the region into tensions with her neighbors?
One must be low IQ, not to see the connection??? hahahaha

In order to understand the overall picture of SCS, one must understand a little bit about DIRTY PINYOY politics!

Meet our newest superhero: NEUTRALNOY!

Manila Standard Today columnist Emil Jurado got it spot on when he tried to explain the erosion of support for Noynoy “Son of Ninoy and Cory” Aquino.

“… the dimming of Aquino’s star may be attributed to his being a candidate “against” something, not “for” something. More people are also becoming aware of his lack of track record and competence.”

When you go on national television to say nothing aside from running after crooks and vowing not to steal, then you’re standing on pretty shaky ground.

Jurado continues:“And when Noynoy says in his informercial,‘hindi ako magnanakaw (I will not steal),’ we just have to see the faces around him salivating for a return to power. And then we remember the many anomalies perpetrated by Kamag-anak Inc. during his mother’s time.

Yes, Aquino says he is running AGAINST graft and corruption, injustice, poverty (as if that can be solved in our lifetime), and insurgency. All these are motherhood statements. Come to think of it, what’s Noynoy running FOR?

He has nothing to show us, really. His stint as a legislator has been untainted all right, untainted with accomplishments. He relies solely on the alleged legacy of his famous parents.

The problem with the Noynoy campaign is that it’s anchored on hate and vindictiveness.”

Ironically, the Yellow Army fancies itself as standing for good against evil. Noynoy’s more rabid supporters delude themselves into thinking they are the messiahs of the Philippines — it is only them who are thinking for the good of the country.

Mired in this hopeless, deluded mindset, Noynoy supporters mistakenly assume we are in the same situation as we were in 1986.

No, there is no dictator to topple. Though we hate GMA and her cronies with a passion, we are not in the chokehold of dictatorship or even martial law.

But that’s how the LP Mafia want to spin it. They want to create an impression of chaos and present themselves as the only option to get us out of it.

If Noynoy was so ardent about doing good and standing up against evil, what explains a non-existent record in the Senate and House?

I mean, he was just going with the flow the whole time. Walang bahid ng abilidad. Walang pinakitang kakayahan.

Now, all of a sudden, he is the man who can do no wrong (or good)?

He is our newest superhero –NEUTRALNOY! Neither here nor there… neither good nor bad. He’s just, well, IS.

God help us all.
Americans so easily FOOL

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

#9233 Aug 5, 2012
When President or the legislators consisting of mainly all the President's men, started screwing around with the Judiciary, isn't that the beginning of the end of real DEMOCRACY and the beginning of another DICTATORSHIP!
Now all you needed is an old trick in the book: An external bogeyman to distract the internal politic?

Prosecution’s blunders blamed on PNoy
March 02, 2012
Lee Ann P. Ducusin

MILITANT Kilusang Mayo Uno yesterday heaped the blame for the impeachment prosecution’s blunders on President Benigno Aquino III.

KMU Chairperson Elmer Labog said Aquino is to be blamed for the sudden announcement of the prosecution panel in the impeachment trial of Chief Justice Renato Corona that it is resting its case amidst perception that it messed up in the task of laying the basis for Corona’s conviction by the court.

“We blame no other than the President,” he said.

The prosecution panel scrapped five out of the eight articles of impeachment which it had initially submitted to the impeachment trial, preempting the possible testimony of a key witness, Justice Ma. Lourdes Sereno, before the court.

“It is now clear that the prosecution panel, under the direction of President Aquino, has failed miserably to do its homework. It is also now clear that the President opted to wage a propaganda campaign against Corona in the hope that he would be forced to resign, instead of ensuring that he would be impeached,” Labog said.

“The original sin is the blitzkrieg fashion in which the impeachment complaint was crafted and passed under the President’s orders. The result was a poorly-prepared complaint the weakness of which the Aquino government tried to hide with propaganda hype,” he added.

The KMU said Aquino’s haste to remove Corona and control the Supreme Court stems from his desire to get back at Corona for the SC’s decision on the Hacienda Luisita case, which ordered that the hacienda’s lands be distributed to farmers.

“The impeachment complaint clearly suffered because of the President’s haste to remove Corona in order to reverse the SC’s decision on Hacienda Luisita. A more noble motive, such as going after Arroyo, would have meant creating a solid complaint even if it would take more time,” he said.

“President Aquino’s motive of overturning the Supreme Court decision on Hacienda Luisita was exposed by the special treatment which his government gave to Arroyo in prison, and his Ombudsman’s decision to downgrade the plunder cases against Arroyo to mere graft cases,” he added.

Labog stressed that the people’s desire for the impeachment of Corona so the government can go after Arroyo has been undermined by the President’s selfish motives.
Americans so easily FOOL

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

#9234 Aug 5, 2012
Austronesian Guy wrote:
International Law and the Philippines' Claim
Trying your distraction tricks again! You have repeated this NONSENSE 100X and don't you get bored!

Although you are FAILED to PROPERLY answer my question, I will forward you yet another KILLER QUESTION the next round wich make you look like a FOOL!

Americans so easily FOOL

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

#9235 Aug 5, 2012
Austronesian Guy wrote:
International Law and the Philippines' Cl
BTW I forgot to remind you, it is already too late!
The hawks in the China Military has won!

China has already started MILITARIZING these shoals or island as an effective control as demanded by PINYOY like you.

Now drive them off, if Philippines has the guts or the capabilities!

It takes more than 2 retired second hand cutters that needs shelters when a storm appears! Hahahahah

Otherwise President Benigno Aquino III should like ex-USA President GW Bush APOLOGIZE and go to the NEGOTIATING TABLE on A BILATERAL BASIS! Time to eat HUMBLE PIE!!!!

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