I don't think politics are any less dirty in the US but the average US voter is not as sophisticated as those in Europe, we don't accept that it should be government for the monied and grandiose we feel it should be government for the people. I am glad when politicians get found out through hard-nosed reporting or a concientious whistle-blower. It makes me think we are still in the fight instead of just rolling over and playing dead for the rich corporate players to just go through our pockets for loose change.

So glad Bush jr. is gone - we are slowly digging our way out of his 2 war, tax breaks for the rich and corporations, fiscal nightmare.

I know people outside America think we are mesmerized by grandeur the same as the French, but there are only a few idiots willing to accept political criminals. When we find them out there are many Americans who are angered and demanding justice be done. Problem with Americans though is our attention span is something like that of a 3 year old, that's why some of the criminal types keep popping up over here, the general populace forgets a politician's criminal money scandal too quickly. The reality show watching people in the US are oblivious to the things that will actually make a difference in their daily lives, health care, jobs, tax legislation - they are all thinking about who won American Idol, and what Snookie's baby will look like.

So sad.

Are there many French who are not interested in politics and how it affects them?