Israel PM Netanyahu and DM Barak should never trust the Jihadist Mozlem Brother Morsi who uses the ‘crisis’ to change the military power balance in Sinai desert against Israel. Like Obama vowing to take advantage of ‘crisis’ to make hard changes that cannot be reversed, it is the Mozlem Brother tactics to lie and win their wars against the infidels. Radical Morsi has a problem when he rushes to send the Egyptian military against the terrorists in Sinai that belong to the Salafies that are his main supporters in the recent elections. Morsi’s actions against the thousand tunnels that allow the smuggling of arms to Gaza could hit him back like a boomerang as his best supporters the Gaza's Hamas terrorists may not be loyal to his agenda. Clearly, Mozlem Brother President Morsi of Egypt rushed to open the border to the Hamas Mozlem Brother terrorists of Gaza when the Egyptian military opposed it due to the various terrorist organizations of Gaza of which some as radical Salafists and cooperate with al Qaida. Most Egyptians including Christians and liberals oppose the open border for the Hamas terrorists of Gaza that are can never be trusted for their murderous attacks on innocent people. Morsi efforts to calm the anger of the Egyptians that blamed him for the death of 16 Egyptian troops by the al Qaida terrorists of Gaza by air strikes only proved that Morsi as Mozlem Brother terrorist supporter will fail to get the trust of the Egyptians, Israel and the world except the Obama regime that vowed to stand by Morsi whatever happens which supporting his new connections with Hamas terrorists that hit a snug.