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London, KY

#22 Jul 31, 2012
Alexa wrote:
Lol u know ur reeaaalllyyy goood writer
Thank you! Do you like it do far? Anything to make it better?

Greensboro, NC

#23 Jul 31, 2012
Awww Alexa and Zayn are a cute couple:) lol I love it keep going!:)

London, KY

#24 Jul 31, 2012
Alexa POV
I heard a car outide and a car door shut which made me jump because I was so nervous about Zayn. Then someone knocked on my door. I got up and opened it to find Zayn with the biggest smile on his face whIch made me smile and laugh.
Zayn- what?
Alexa- nothing. Your just cute when you smile like that.
Zayn- like what?!
Alexa- nothing. Haha so are you ready?
Zayn- wait..
He pulled out a necklace with a pink pearl on it with diamonds on it. It was so pretty..
Zayn- this is for you.
Alexa- wow Zayn.. It's so pretty.
He put it on me and winked.
I yelled at my mom telling her I was leaving and then Zayn took my hand, and led me to his car which had roses in the passenger seat.
Alexa- what's that?
Zayn- the roses wanted to sit with you. They can't help but be attracted to you.
I laughed, then picked then up and say down.
We drove for about 30 minutes, then came upon a smile lake with a dock and a paddle boat.
I was amazing!
Alexa- what are we doing?
Zayn- just get in!
He grabbed my waist with one hand and had his hand in mine while I stepped in.. His hands felt so gentle and calm,
He got in and it started to get really dark, but he knew where to go and we went out into the lake and ended up going into a small dark valley with trees all around us.
Zayn- are you still alive?
Alexa- yes
I laughed because it was dark an he kept trying to put my hand out to find me, which I would help him by putting my hand in his.
Zayn- ready?
Alexa- for what?
Just then I heard a click, then the whole sky lit up with lights in the trees. They were everywhere.. It was amazing!
Zayn- well, what do you think? I've had these out here for a while.
Alexa-Zayn.. This is wonderful.
The lights made his eyes look like they were glowing. The light was hitting my face perfectly and I knew he was staring into my blue eyes.
Alexa- hmm?
Zayn- the reason I brought you out here is because I need to ask you something. And I know it may be early but.. You are just so beautiful. When I saw you today at the mall, I wanted you to be mine. Everything about you was special, you ARE special. And I need you to be mine.
Alexa- wow Zayn..
Zayn- Will you be my girlfriend?
He put his hand on mine and looked into my eyes.
I really liked him, he was amazing and beautiful and everything I could ask for and more. I wanted him to, I wanted to be his forever.
"Yes." I said. He smiled and I did to..
He cupped my face, stroked my cheek and then pushed my hair behind my hear.
" Alexa you are everything I need in my life."
He leaned in and I did to, slowly.
When out lips touched, it was perfect. His lips were perfect and everything about the kiss was perfect.
That night he left the lights on so he could remember our first kiss. Everyday, weve been goin out there to just talk, and it was fun with him,
Zayn POV
When the lights came on, she looked up and smiled. I knew she liked it which made me smile.
I had to let my feeling out right then. As I talked, I spoke my feelings and stared right into her amazingly blue eyes which sparkled.
"wow" she said.
I asked her. I couldn't hold it in no longer.
"will you be my girlfriend?
Everything at that moment went silent. I felt like all the animals was staring at us, admiring how beautiful she looked.
"yes" she said. My stomach flipped and I had butterflies. I cupped her face with my hands. " your everything I need Alexa." I said. As I leaves in I though about out future together, how everything would be. Our lips touched and I felt sparks. SHE was perfect.
Jennifer Tomlinson

London, UK

#25 Jul 31, 2012
Liv it! More!! ;)

Ontario, CA

#26 Jul 31, 2012
More! please

London, KY

#27 Jul 31, 2012
Harrys POV
When Zayn got back he was the happiest I had ever seen him, & Alexa was really special to him.
Niall, Louis, & Liam noticed to.
I left with Kimmee when he got back. We was going ice skating.
Zayn POV
Tonight was absolutely amazing and everything went perfect. Alexa was my girlfriend! I was her boyfriend and I was going to take care of her no matter what. She is mine forever.
Alexa POV
Zayn was already the perfect guy for me. I knew he was going to be a good boyfriend and treat me right. My mom was out of town for week so I called Zayn.
Zayn- Hey love! I miss you
Alexa- I miss you too! Listen, moms out of town for a week an-
I got cut off by Niall yelling in the back ground.
Niall- ZAYN!!! I'm hungry!!!!
Zayn- Shut up Niall! Make ya self some food.
I laughed so hard at this. Zayns accent always made me happy.
Zayn- I'm sorry babe, what was that?
Alexa- moms gone for a weekend I though you would want to come over?
Zayn- sure babe! I'll be over in 10 minutes.
Liam POV
Oh dear I just spilt water! Niall was jumping off the walls asking for food while Zayn was on the phone.
Zayn- Lads, I'm leaving for Alexa's house. Niall don't be in my room! Har- HARRY get one pants on! Louis stop snapping your fingers at Jennifer.
Niall- PARTY AT ALEXA'S!!!!!
Harry- I'm coming!!
Harry ran out the door in his boxer but came back in to find clothes.
Ugh. This was going To be a disaster!
Zayn- no your not coming!!
But everyone was already in his car.
Liam- its okay lad, I'll help you with the kids.
I laughed and he did to. If only Alexa knew what was coming for her.
Zayn POV
I called Alexa and told her what was going on
Alexa- hello?
Zayn- Alexa Uhh, change of plans..
Niall&Harry- Hello Alexa!!!!!!!!!
They yelled at my phone trying to talk to get
Zayn- I'm sorry they juat jumped in my car and wouldn't get out.
Alexa- its fine! Itll be fun babe.
Zayn- okay, cya in a minute. Bye love
Alexa- bye
Her voice was so soft and caring, u could talk to get all day just to hear her voice.

London, KY

#28 Jul 31, 2012
Okay guys! How is it? My fingers are really tired from typing cause in on my iPod lol!(: this is my first time so I'm trying to make It good. Tell me hOw I'm doing! Love you guys!

London, KY

#29 Jul 31, 2012
Also if you guys want, follow me on Instagram and I'll follow back!
<3 I might start writing fanfiction on my Instagram too! ONLY if I get a lot of followers to ready them!
How you like this story so far! xx

London, KY

#30 Jul 31, 2012
Taking a 20 minute break guys, my iPod is REDDD
Jennifer Tomlinson

London, UK

#31 Jul 31, 2012
Cant wait for next part ;) hate it when my iPods red :(

London, KY

#32 Jul 31, 2012
I'm back (; Haha so ready for the next part? Imma start writing now!
Jennifer Tomlinson

London, UK

#33 Jul 31, 2012
Farren Clark wrote:
I'm back (; Haha so ready for the next part? Imma start writing now!
I need the next part!! ;)

London, KY

#34 Jul 31, 2012
Alexa's POV I was actually kinda scared. I didn't know what to expect when I heard Harry yelling at Niall telling him to "get outta my kitchen" which I thought was pretty funny!
Zayn came in and sneaked his hands around my waist and whispered in my ear. Gosh he was amazing.
"Bare with me." he said. I nodded my head. We walked into my living room and began watching Toy Story which Liam picked out. He's a great friend.
Zayn- you okay babe?
Alexa- yes. I smiled at him.. I noticed he kept glancing over at nialls direction. I looked per and he was staring at me. He winked and I felt Zayn hug me tighter like he owned me. What was going on?
Harry- is it hot in here?!
He took his pants off and ran upstairs with Louis doing god knows what.
Niall- Alexa I'm hungry, will you fix me something?
Alexa- yeah sure Niall.. What would you want?
Niall- doesn't matter.
When I got up and went to the kitchen I heard Zayn start mumbling something.. I could t make out what it was. It started to get louder.
Niall- I could tell her. I could tell her everything. I could LOVE get better than you. You would never get her back.
Then I heard Zayn punch Niall and glass breaking.
Jennifer Tomlinson

London, UK

#37 Jul 31, 2012
Omg!! I need to know what happens next!

London, KY

#38 Jul 31, 2012
Alexa's POV
What's going on? I though. I walked in the livin room to find Niall on the table, broken, bloody.
Zayn- Alexa..
He looks at me horrified as if he couldn't believe what he had done.
Alexa- what's going on?
Zayn- Alexa come here.
I just stood there while Harry and Louis came running down the stairs helping Niall
Louis- what happened?!!
Zayn- I punched him.. I- I-.. I didn't mean to.
Alexa- Zayn. why did you do that?
Zayn I'll explain later babe, just come upstairs with me.
I was scared. What was he going I tell me?

Crown Point, IN

#39 Jul 31, 2012
Oh my word!!!:) AmaZayn!!!:)

London, KY

#40 Jul 31, 2012
LAST PART. 1 year later when this is all happening btw.
Alexa POV
He said me down on the bed and stared into my eyes.
Alexa- Zayn what's happening?
Zayn- Alexa, I love you.
What? It's been a year. He just said he loved me..
I did too, but on ever told him because I was afraid he would thinki didn't mean it. And when e said that, I could see in his eyes he MEANT it.
Zayn- Niall told me he liked you. & told me he was going to take you because he could love you more than I could. But love, that's not possible. And it never will be, I love you Alexa, I want you mine forever. I want our nights to e like our night when we had our first kiss. He grabbed my hand and got into the car and blindfolded me. We drove to the lake.. The same night as our kiss. It was dark so I couldn't see nothing, when we got into the same boat we drove through the trees.
I saw the lights They were still there.. Still burning for over a year. He promised me they would stay on.. I started to tear up. He took my hand in his and kissed me gently as the lights lit up all around us.
" I love you Alexa" he said calmly against my Lips.
" I love you too."
He looked up at the sky.
"Ya know, these lights will always be on, but they will never be as beautiful as you are tonight."
He started to sing into my eyes.
"& You have always been the only one I wanted and I wanted you to know without you I can't fake it, all we wanna have is fun but they say that we're too young, let em say what they want"
I loved him.
"Yes, Zayn?"
Still looking into my eyes, he got a small black box out of his varsity jacket.
"I will always love you until my heart stops beating. Until these lights go off. Until.. Until the sun burns out."
"Zayn..." I said slowly.
"Alexa, will you marr-"
AHh gosh.. I though as I woke up from the ground. My shirt was wet from my drink..
"what happened?"
"Oh love! I'm so sorry!"
I felt 2 strong hangs grab my hands and help me up. I looked up and saw these brown eyes staring down on me.
"I'm so sorry babe, let me help you get dried up. I can't believe I knocked you down!"
"why happened.." I kept saying.
" you blacked out"
His accent.. Wait. Was that zay-
"c'mon, lets go" he said.
I can't believe this.
Hope you guys liked it! I know I looveddd it and I'm the one writing it! hahaha(: well hope it was good and you guys enjoyed it!
Follow my Instagram <3.@farrenclark

London, KY

#41 Jul 31, 2012
Shannon wrote:
Oh my word!!!:) AmaZayn!!!:)
Thank you!

San Josť, Costa Rica

#43 Jul 31, 2012
It was AMAZAYN'!!! Omggg i loveeeddd it!!(:

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