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A longtime friend of fellow Aussie bombshell Nicole Kidman, Naomi Watts has taken after her pal in her openness to onscreen nudity, beginning with the 1993 thriller Gross Misconduct , where she showed her naked tits, ass, and pussy. Her big breakthrough came in 2001with David Lynch's masterpiece Mulholland Dr., where she revealed her breasts and had two scorching lesbian sex scenes with luscious Latina Laura Harring. Naomi didn't stop there and went on to show skin in The Outsider , 21 Grams , and Ellie Parker , where she showed all three B's in a bathtub. And there's been no shortage of non-nude sexiness either. Naomi showed up in skimpy lingerie in Undertaking Betty , Funny Games , and I Heart Huckabees , and in We Don't Live Here Anymore she covered up her pudenda with a fig leaf, Eve-style. True to her name, when Naomi Watts electrifies the big screen, everyone gets turned on. Members get Skin-Depth actress bios with facts, figures, trivia, quotes, jokes, and sexy info