I am the guardian and case manager for a disabled adult who lives in the home. I became the case manger when I could not locate a good case manger. I am not paid anything for the care I provide. I am happy to take care of the person in the home. The person I have has HIV and is BiPolar/Schizophrenic . They have been violent in the past but they have gotten better with their anger problems. I did not do the best job at first but over the years I have gotten very good at providing care. I take the person with me anytime I go anywhere, I cook their meals, wash their clothes, manage their money, take them to the doctor, grocery shop for them, dispense their medication and give them things to do. I am happy that I provide a safe home for them where they are not taken advantage of. Many disabled adults are preyed upon for their money. Many do not understand money and what it buys or what things cost. In the future I will build another home with a built in apartment, so I can keep an eye on them.