Hi HIL.I will give one more hint as to my involvement in the ghost-writing of your LM show.Refer to the ONE OF THE GUYS episode.THere is a scene where U R playing flag football.One scene shows U tackling a young man,then taking his flag.Notice that his Jersey shirt # is 13.That whole scene is in reference to the fact that my official # for my DORM football team @ UNIVERSITY of TENNESSEE was 13.THe fact U all were playing flag football is in reference to the fact I was my DORM's flag person for my team.I was the person who swung the team flag.True story.All this info was interwoven into the premise of the ONE OF THE GUYS episode.Then in some episodes, GORDO is seen wearing a tropical island shirt with the number 13 on it.THis is in reference to the fact that I love the tropics,and the number 13 was my number back in the early 1990s.Now my # is 9,and I am sticking by it.F U should ever decide to come visit my family,and it is up to U,I have a little gift to give to U.IT is in reference to the partnership U R involved in,with all your acting & singing.And it has nothing to do with LIZZIE MCGUIRE.But U R invited by me to come by and visit.Stay sweet & stay cool,HIL.