WHile it is true TERRI MINSKY created the Lizzie Mcguire series,she could not have done it without all my written premise/synopsis submissions to the DISNEY CHANNEL.SO I was the official GHOST-WRITER for the LM series,U might as well say.But I have the real story behind what LIZZIE is all about.THe series was loosely based upon the good friendship I had with a Chisty or KRISTY PERKINS from ELIZABETHTON HIGH SCHOOL.Even though I never really officially hung out with her in public places,there were several times we would skip the lUNCHROOM lunch,and go across the street to BURGER KING to eat with her & her other friend.Although she & I never dated,we were good friends,so much that we were comfortable with each other to talk about what is on our minds.SO I guess U can say that GORDO in LM was really based upon me.And the PERKINS girl had blonde hair,just like LIZZIE MCGUIRE did in her program.SO LIZZIE MCGUIRE was based upon that friendship I had at EHS.THis is the truth.AND I dedicate this TRUTH to U,HILARY DUFF.STAY COOL.