Men don't need a gun to kill women, but women need a gun to stop men from killing them.

An antigun woman is like a German Jew standing in a line (naked) waiting to enter a gas chamber. They make me think they almost deserve what they were about to receive.

President Obama is doing everything he can to financially cripple this country. He is not playing games with his socialist tactics. Illinois Governor Pat Quinn has already done extreme financial damage to Illinois by raising the state income tax. Just wait until Obama raises the federal income tax, Illinois will get hit the hardest.

Wasn't long ago when Chicago teachers went to the State capital and screamed for Quinn to raise taxes. Today they wait to learn if they lose their jobs because Chicagoans can't pay property taxes which ultimately pay teacher salaries.

'LIBERAL' is a politically correct name for a Socialist. An antigun socialist is a nazi.

Liberals alway tell lies. Their ideology is always based on lies because socialism always fails. To force people to accept socialism they must lie to the people. When a capitalist tells the truth about a Liberal, the Liberals tell lies about the truth teller, they must tell lies to con the people into accepting socialism (which is a tool of a dirty capitalist who uses socialism via govt to exploit capitalism).