So Adam, you don't seem as depressed on the new album. I am happy for you, this is definitely good news, I'm always glad when I break out of mine, but then of course sometimes I start to mis being depressed and welcome the transition back into my crippling deprssion (ah our fickle nature, just as so many claim they want to die untill they start feeling unexplained chest pains, or how a drug addict can't commit suicide by intentionally overdosing, because once they have enough drugs to od on, that in and of itself is a new found reason to live) but nothing sucks more than a lingering depression so I am happy to see you have broken out of it. However, while the new album is still the 2nd best thing to come out this year, I thought it not as good as your other five (I include the Storytellers half of across a wire, because it is one of the best things ever recorded and is vastly emotionally more powerful than the originals, which were not lacking in that department to begin with). C'est la vie, and laundry is laundry and it had to get done, So if you happen to slip back into despair, please try to summon the focus to do some writing. Thanks for your time, Bill