The social Liberal Democrats stayed all night in their effort to pass another self-destruction route for America and this time the targeted Wall Street stock market for a new disaster.
Obama will be able to takeover banks and prevent the flow of stock transactions for the good of the people.
You know, only the fake African Muslim rooted and communist dictator Obama will know if the purchasing of stock by a bank of corporation is OK since if the communist dictator Obama desires, he can take over the bank or corporation like he took over GM and Chrysler that he drove down to bankruptcy.
However, the liberal Democrats and the fake Obama can be happy to destroy the stock market in New York City and move all the jobs from New York to other world markets like Singapore where the government does not "regulate" the market like Obama.
Singapore Stock market of the world will replace New York that will sink down to become poor city since Singapore does not scare every investor with scary regulation of the communist Obama and his union hordes.
Many investors will find that Obama knows what is going in their bank accounts and that IRS will be able to get taxes directly from their bank.
It is another ‘success’ of Obama in destroying America that he despises so much as he get ready for his new world order under the socialistic -Islamic brotherhood of the world.