Barack Obama, our next President

"The road ahead will be long. Our climb will be steep," Obama cautioned. Young and charismatic but with little experience on the national level, Obama smashed through racial barriers and easily defeated ... Full Story
Jane Says

New York, NY

#746113 Sep 19, 2012
CunningLinguist wrote:
Ya gotta love DUBYA!
The comedy world misses him dearly. =Q4-XOPeDDhwXX&feature=rel ated
A potted plant has more intelligence.
The video is a 'laugh out loud' 2:56 minutes of guffaws
how could he be so missed when Biden is such a...well, gift?

Cromwell, CT

#746114 Sep 19, 2012
Realtime wrote:
Gasoline prices dropping here,$3.64 to $3.69 at the majors for a gallon of UR.
Rising gas prices could be an issue for some Colorado voters

Gas prices are again rising steeply, an unusual post-summer spike that's crimping household budgets and could impact the economy and the presidential election.

Bethlehem, PA

#746115 Sep 19, 2012
sonicfilter wrote:
The Justice Department's internal watchdog is faulting the agency for misguided strategies, errors in judgment and management failures during a bungled gun-trafficking probe in Arizona that resulted in hundreds of weapons turning up at crime scenes in the U.S. and Mexico.
In a 471-page report, Inspector General Michael Horowitz referred over a dozen people for possible disciplinary action for their roles in Operation Fast and Furious. The report did not criticize Attorney General Eric Holder.
The report found no evidence that Holder was informed about the operation before Jan. 31, 2011, or that the attorney general was told about the controversial gun-walking tactic employed by the department's Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.
Bah, DBWriter says Holder knew and was 100% responsible for what happened. Oh and Valerie Jarret signed off on it. Oh and Obama knew about it and also signed off on albeit with a smaller signature, but he still didn't know about the Bin Laden raid.
Rich_Liberals_he lp_USA

Oklahoma City, OK

#746116 Sep 19, 2012
Lily Boca Raton FL wrote:
<quoted text>
Is everybody dumb in OK or just you?

I was born FAR AWAY from here!

Hell, I may not even be American...

It bothers you that I bring up your fancy lifestyle?

I lived Near Venice, Italy for a while! Be proud of your blue blood!
Flaunt it! But don't expect the doophus poor class to allow you to keep it if you cannot keep you mouth shut...

They don't work and they want to keep it that way...your house is a couple years worth of laziness for three or four Liberal voters!
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“Constitutionalis t”

Since: Dec 10

Spring, TX

#746118 Sep 19, 2012
RealDave wrote:
<quoted text>
Thedefiotion is not pinion.
When discussing the economy, the "distribution of Wealth" has a fixed meaning.
One you & Romney evidently don't know.
It seems we have a very good understanding of what Obama intends when he references distribution of the wealth. That's why everyone who worked for what they have are opposed to it.
But, if you want the wealth to be more evenly distributed, there is a more civilized way of accomplishing that than Obama stealing it from the people who earn it and giving it to the leeches on the system. Pay close attention to the below fact of life:

The more educated a population is, the more evenly the wealth is distributed within that country.
Did you have any problems understanding that fact?
So, if you want more wealth individually, make yourself more educated.
If the population as a whole does this, then the spillover effect is exponential. There is more wealth to be more evenly distributed, and everyone gets more.
With Obama's plan, as the population becomes relatively more useless, the overall production of the population becomes less, and there is less wealth to be distributed among an increasing number of useless people.
An idiot knows this leads eventually to everyone having nothing.

So, get used to this idea about your goddam entitlements:


Now, you have an understanding of what we're about.

If you choose to be poor, you will be poor.
And, if you choose to be poor, GFY. I don't have time to babysit you.

Since: May 11

Fayetteville, PA

#746119 Sep 19, 2012
DBWriter wrote:
<quoted text>
What in the f**k are you talking about?????????
Just to refresh whatever it is you use for a memory, here's the post your idiocy was in response to:
DBWriter wrote:
Here's the facts:
The Arab world didn't even know that video existed until Obama blamed the preplanned and coordinated Islamist terrorist attacks in Libya and Egypt on it.
Then, after Obama tells the Arab world the video exists and blames the obviously preplanned and coordinated attacks in Libya and Egypt on it, the president of Libya arrests 50 terrorists that planned and executed the attack in Libya.
Then the president of Libya states in definitive verbiage that the attack was planned several months prior, which is also about the age of the video that the Arab world didn't know existed until Obama blamed the obviously preplanned and coordinated attacks in Libya and Egypt on.
Then, when it's obvious to the entire world that the video had nothing to do with the preplanned and coordinated attacks in Libya and Egypt, and the plan for the attacks were older than the video, that goddam idiot Obama a-f**king-gain blames the attacks on a video that didn't even exist when the attacks were planned.
The entire world sees Obama as an idiot.
But, to answer your off-the-wall post, it sounds like you've given up on getting the popular vote.
What you will see will be a repeat of what you saw in the mid term elections. Nothing has changed since, not even the people that will be voting. In case you don't remember what happened, it was a referrendum on Obama and the American people handed the Democrats their asses.
By the way, the polls you reference seem to be the ones that are least accurate when predicting elections. If you poll when everyone is at work, naturally you'll find about half the population favors Obama. Try polling the places where people work for a living with the polls you reference of the couches people are watching Oprah from.
On September 8, 2012, an excerpt of the YouTube video was broadcast on Al-Nas TV, an Egyptian Islamist television station.

I guess that makes you stupid.

Cromwell, CT

#746120 Sep 19, 2012
NBC News Not Airing Obama’s Commie ‘Redistribution’ Video Because They Have Not Yet ‘Authenticated It’


“Stuffs gettin better ”

Since: Aug 12

Location hidden

#746121 Sep 19, 2012
" stuffs getting better all the time.

Since: Aug 12


#746122 Sep 19, 2012
Major report released on Fast and Furious, DOJ official resigns

Read more:

Yet more incompetence from inept Obama "inept" appointees

Obama lied, people died.

Since: Aug 12


#746123 Sep 19, 2012
dem wrote:
<quoted text>
spin spin spin
dork dork dork

Since: Aug 12


#746124 Sep 19, 2012
Gunner wrote:
NBC News Not Airing Obama’s Commie ‘Redistribution’ Video Because They Have Not Yet ‘Authenticated It’
They're waiting for Vladimire to approve.

“Stuffs gettin better ”

Since: Aug 12

Location hidden

#746125 Sep 19, 2012
" if you've got a business, you didn't build that"
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“Constitutionalis t”

Since: Dec 10

Spring, TX

#746127 Sep 19, 2012
Homer wrote:
<quoted text>Don't worry, Fox News is softening the blow for the little brains -
Major report released on Fast and Furious, DOJ official resigns
A major report released Wednesday on the Operation Fast and Furious scandal faulted a range of federal agencies for the failed anti-gunrunning program -- and has resulted in the resignation of one Justice Department official.
Jason Weinstein, the deputy assistant attorney general for the Criminal Division, is resigning in the wake of the Justice Department inspector general report on Fast and Furious. The report essentially concludes that he is the most senior department official who was in a position to stop Fast and Furious.
The nearly 500-page report was completed after investigators reviewed 100,000 documents and interviewed 130 people.
The reports also says that no one responsible for the case at ATF Phoenix or the U.S. Attorney's Office raised a serious question or concern about the government not taking earlier measures to stop Fast and Furious.
Read more:
They don't even apologize to Holder, they all but wanted him crucified.
So, what you're saying is a deputy assistant attorney general to Eric Holder was running guns for the Mexican drug cartels on a large scale, and Eric Holder didn't have a clue about it?
That is just a little difficult to believe.
But, it's a start. How about this deputy assistant attorney general start spilling the beans about who knew what. If he wants to take a life prison sentence for being an accomplice to the killing of Brian Terry, then let's get him in front of a judge so he can plead guilty and we can put him in prison for the rest of his life.
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Razors Edge

Oak Lawn, IL

#746130 Sep 19, 2012
Obama,yeah i used to hang out with the Marxist
Professors and other radical minded students..

"You must vote for Obama, how else can you accrue a large education debt and NOT be able to pay back that debt because there will be NO JOBS! So you will be able to repay that debt by "serving" Obama in some fashion. Before you leave the class today, please see Mr. Fritzi at the back of the room to be measured for your "Brown Shirts." The bookstore has just received a large shipment of Obama's newest book.......Mine, ALL mine.
Dumb down the future generations, it becomes easier to keep the power..........

Florida Professor,
Suspended,Indoctrinating Students to vote for Obama
forced them to sign Pledges?????????? Yeah get em
while they nice and stupid,like they did to our
Marxist POTUS!!!

Boulder, CO

#746131 Sep 19, 2012
Extremely Important article on the Globalization of the United States Education System. PLEASE SPREAD!

Chicago Teacher’s Strike and the UN Globalization of Our Public Schools

Want to learn who those letters 'UN' stand for:

“Constitutionalis t”

Since: Dec 10

Spring, TX

#746132 Sep 19, 2012
RealDave wrote:
<quoted text>
On September 8, 2012, an excerpt of the YouTube video was broadcast on Al-Nas TV, an Egyptian Islamist television station.
I guess that makes you stupid.
Refresh our memory....
When did the president of Libya who arrested 50 terrorists who planned and executed the attack say the attack was planned?
You'll find out that the attack was planned before the video even existed, you idiot.

United States

#746133 Sep 19, 2012
Jane Says wrote:
Obama's Dangerous and Distrastous Presidency
How can any cogent American citizen possibly even consider voting for Barack Obama now? That's what lots of conservatives and moderates are asking each other, again and again. It's completely baffling, to those who grew up with any sort of sense of what America means and what the American character traditionally has been, that anybody can look at the man's record and want more of the same.
Almost the entirety of the Muslim world is now rioting against an American president who promised that his olive branches to Muslims would secure peace. Like Jimmy Carter, Obama has only shown a weakness that has emboldened the Islamist haters. Meanwhile, our closest ally in the region, Israel, a stable representative democracy led by an American-educated, America-loving prime minister, has repeatedly been insulted, abandoned, and undermined. In short, the United States is in worse position with all sides in the Middle East/northern Africa. We are embarrassed, feckless, wounded... and in four tragic cases, dead.
Allies in Poland and the Czech Republic have been repeatedly let down and sometimes insulted. The "re-set" with Russia earned us only Russian contempt. China and Russia ignore our entreaties around the world, with absolute disdain for our wishes, our olive branches, or Obama's supposedly Nobel-worthy and messianic genius for diplomacy.
Domestically, our debt has increased by 50 percent in just four years, by some $5 trillion, with not a single observable benefit from the spending. Our bond rating already has been downgraded by one agency, and another major agency threatens to downgrade us. Our unemployment rate has never been beneath 8 percent since Obama's first month in office, even though his economic team said his outrageously expensive "stimulus" package would ensure that it would never rise above 8 percent, and indeed that it would drop below 6 percent within four years.
Our politics is more fractured, less civil, than ever -- and as Bob Woodward, of all people, indicates in his new book, this is largely the fault of Obama. He has been the first president in history to push through a major new program without a single vote from the opposing party -- and while refusing to incorporate a single major idea from the other party, while ignoring overwhelming public sentiment to pass it, and while bending the rules in multiple ways to force it through Congress. Meanwhile, on the real business of Congress, his Senate allies have ignored longstanding law by refusing to pass a budget for three years now, while twice rejecting the president's own pitiful budget proposal by unanimous votes.


United States

#746134 Sep 19, 2012
Romney’s brutal last three week

First, the biggest speech of Romney’s life got overshadowed by the Clint Eastwood stunt.

Second the tape of Mitt's class warfare attempt.
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Cromwell, CT

#746137 Sep 19, 2012


Who believes Obama and Holder knew nothing about Fast & Furious?

Go ahead, embarrass yourself.
Razors Edge

Oak Lawn, IL

#746138 Sep 19, 2012
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EXCLUSIVE: Long-awaited 'Furious' report places blame on ATF, Justice

By William La Jeunesse

Published September 11, 2012

'Fast & Furious' report lays blame on field agents,...

New report faults ATF, DOJ for Fast and Furious

New hearing set on Fast & Furious scandal

Dozens of senior-level U.S. government officials turned a blind eye to public safety as they pursued an ill-conceived and poorly managed investigation into gun trafficking in Mexico, according to a long-awaited inspector general's report on Operation Fast and Furious.

Portions of the Justice Department IG report, which has not been made public, were obtained exclusively by Fox News Channel.

The report and accompanying accounts cite a failure in leadership and a lack of accountability and oversight up and down the chain of command at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), the Justice Department itself and other offices. It says many senior executives knew the U.S. was helping traffic guns to Mexico that killed people but did nothing to stop it.

"We found no evidence in Operation Fast and Furious that the ATF or the (U.S. attorney's office) attempted at any point during the investigation to balance the risks to the public safety against the long-term benefits of identifying trafficking networks and participants," the draft report says.

Fast and Furious was the anti-gunrunning sting that helped send some 2,000 assault weapons to Mexico under the guise of stopping illegal trafficking. The operation ended only after the death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry -- two of the weapons associated with the investigation were found at his murder scene.

Much of the blame in the report is directed at three ATF managers: Phoenix Agent in Charge Bill Newell, Supervisor Dave Voth and Case Agent Hope MacAllister.

Their attorneys claim they've been scapegoated. Debra Roth, an attorney for MacAllister, wrote to Inspector General Michael Horowitz that the report "fails to account for the abdication of oversight, guidance and responsibility by ATF headquarters and Main Department of Justice regarding the implementation of what is in essence a strategy to combat an international criminal enterprise."

The documents obtained by Fox News, while incomplete, provide an early glimpse into the finger-pointing that will follow the expected release later this week or early next week of the complete IG report. Attorney General Eric Holder has said the report, which will be scrutinized on Capitol Hill, will provide him the basis to discipline or fire those found most culpable.

While the report blames Newell and Voth for poor judgment, attorneys for the two say higher-ups and the entire ATF chain of command were aware of everything they did.

Both men recall a detailed briefing Voth delivered to senior ATF and DOJ staff in Washington on March 5, 2010. In a Power Point presentation, attended by at least two deputy attorneys general, Voth explained how the operation was run and how almost two-dozen largely unemployed men bought 1,026 assault weapons with $650,000 in just over four months, then smuggled the guns to Mexico.

DOJ,report later

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