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"The road ahead will be long. Our climb will be steep," Obama cautioned. Young and charismatic but with little experience on the national level, Obama smashed through racial barriers and easily defeated ... Full Story

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#745934 Sep 19, 2012
Subversive Barry wrote:
<quoted text>Who cares?

It's the economy stupid.
go fk yourself till this evening.

“I've visited all 57 states!”

Since: Mar 12


#745935 Sep 19, 2012
Lily Boca Raton FL wrote:
<quoted text>
Notice a lot of shyt goes down in my town? We've got lots of those millionaires here, they flock here because of the homestead laws and no state income tax and easy access to the Caymans and Bahamas. They buy those huge houses, and they're empty! They buy furniture when the have guests, you see the trucks arrive to deliver, then a few days later, the trucks arrive again to return it!! Lots of Romney type scoundrels here, but a few of them have been going down, catches up with them after awhile.
Meanwhile, Gunner probably is itching to go to Arizona so he can be one of those "papers please cops" and beat up a few Mexicans.
Lots of John Kerry type scoundrels there too, eh $hit for brains?

“I've visited all 57 states!”

Since: Mar 12


#745936 Sep 19, 2012
dem wrote:
<quoted text>
rumor has it that romneys pal down there is known for his orgies.
Kid you not.
dem the birther fktard.

El Paso, TX

#745937 Sep 19, 2012
RealDave wrote:
<quoted text>
Another right winger who does not understand the terminology of "redistribution of Wealth"
Mitt Romney does not understand either or else he does & betting is base is as stupid as you.
RealDave I know you didn’t like the Answer!! Dave You’re entitled to your own opinions. Your are not entitled to your own facts!! Dave the only thing between your Ears is Space you should sue your brain for Non-Support!!

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#745938 Sep 19, 2012
Lily Boca Raton FL wrote:
<quoted text>You know, y'all need to lose that Hitler shyt, you make a fool of yourselves, just sayin'
frank is an old as dirt racist.

So what I'm saying is, he is exactly like the other neocons here
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Natty Bumppo

Kalispell, MT

#745940 Sep 19, 2012
Lily Boca Raton fl wrote:
<quoted text>
She can't comprehend that. Meanwhile Apple closed at $700 a share.
The President was superb on Letterman tonight!
Who watches that old fart Letterman? I am embarrased by this so called president. Americans are murdered in the mideast, and he sits there and says it's only a few bad guys who don't like us. He apologizes to these criminal muslim fanatics because he has no spine. NEWS FLASH: THIS IS A TOTAL FAILURE OF OBAMA'S FOREIGN POLICY. The man is oblivious to our problems in the world and is obsessed with being re elected. He runs around to tv appearances while our troops are dying in shit holes like the mideast. He is a total simpleton and a moron. He needs to be fired now.

“Constitutionalis t”

Since: Dec 10

Spring, TX

#745941 Sep 19, 2012
Nuculur option wrote:
<quoted text>
Here's the facts, something that has always eluded you;
"A film-maker thought to be behind a crude movie that sparked anti-American riots across the Muslim world has been questioned by police in California, as President Barack Obama vowed to bring to justice those responsible for the deaths of four Americans in Libya.
... blah... blah... blah...
Here's the facts:
The Arab world didn't even know that video existed until Obama blamed the preplanned and coordinated Islamist terrorist attacks in Libya and Egypt on it.
Then, after Obama tells the Arab world the video exists and blames the obviously preplanned and coordinated attacks in Libya and Egypt on it, the president of Libya arrests 50 terrorists that planned and executed the attack in Libya.
Then the president of Libya states in definitive verbiage that the attack was planned several months prior, which is also about the age of the video that the Arab world didn't know existed until Obama blamed the obviously preplanned and coordinated attacks in Libya and Egypt on.
Then, when it's obvious to the entire world that the video had nothing to do with the preplanned and coordinated attacks in Libya and Egypt, and the plan for the attacks were older than the video, that goddam idiot Obama a-f**king-gain blames the attacks on a video that didn't even exist when the attacks were planned.

The entire world sees Obama as an idiot.

United States

#745942 Sep 19, 2012
Lily Boca Raton FL wrote:
<quoted text>Oh no, you've got that wrong. She's still in the tenement above her grandmas meatball shop, pining away for some kid named Domenic or Anthony who smiled up at her in the window 40 years ago. Hey Jane, he had gas. Probably still a virgin.
Obama 2012

Virginia Beach, VA

#745943 Sep 19, 2012
SurObamaPrizedfool wrote:
<quoted text> Just the lowlife bottomfeeders like you, who expected something for nothing.
Anybody who believes that Mitt Rmoney has ever paid a penny in Federal taxes is living in La La land. He has "paid" taxes on paper only. RICH PEOPLE DON'T PAY TAXES!. Their accounting firms and lawyers see to that. Only "little people" pay taxes.
Lily Boca Raton FL

Boca Raton, FL

#745944 Sep 19, 2012
dem wrote:
<quoted text>
rumor has it that romneys pal down there is known for his orgies.
Kid you not.
Yes, Marc Leder:

Before hosting a May fundraiser for the Republican presidential candidate at his Florida home, Marc Leder, 50, hosted several debauched parties, according to the New York Post. The paper wrote about a "nude frolic" at one such party Leder hosted last summer at a rented home in Bridgehampton, N.Y.:

It was as if the Playboy Mansion met the East End at a wild party at private-equity titan Marc Leder's Bridgehampton estate, where guests cavorted nude in the pool and performed sex acts, scantily dressed Russians danced on platforms and men twirled lit torches to a booming techno beat.

Leder, who made his fortune as co-founder of the private equity firm Sun Capital, is linked to the darker side of private equity. Around 20 percent of companies that Sun Capital owns have filed for bankruptcy since 2008: 28 companies in all, including the restaurant chain Friendly's, according to The New York Times. Friendly's laid off 1,260 workers overnight when it filed for bankruptcy last year, according to Daily Finance.

See why they're friends? They're in the same business, bankruptcy and firing people, looting.


Since: Oct 11

Location hidden

#745945 Sep 19, 2012
Jane Says wrote:
<quoted text>no need to move; states here will be renamed for failing European countries.
Maybe so but you won't be safe here... we will hunt down traders like you for fun and exersize...We will have a kill the traders licenses and a racist license for sale instead of taxes...See you in my cross hairs ...SOON
And so it goes

Gering, NE

#745946 Sep 19, 2012
CBS Poll: GOP Has Huge Turnout Edge Over Dems: One of the chief reasons the media is so mistaken in their zeal

United States

#745947 Sep 19, 2012
Gunner wrote:
<quoted text>Who should I cite, Kos? HuffPo?

"It's still a fluid, very competitive race," says Nathan Gonzales, of the nonpartisan Rothenberg Political Report, which analyzes political races. "Anyone who says they know who is going to win doesn't."
Gunner is 'winning'!

El Paso, TX

#745948 Sep 19, 2012
dem wrote:
<quoted text>
it's okay to cry, lady.
Four more years of Obama will give you a purpose to live till 2016.
Dem you’re stuttering!! Let’s try again… why is Obama not up by 20 Points?

Since: May 11

Fayetteville, PA

#745949 Sep 19, 2012
DBWriter wrote:
<quoted text>
I'm betting he begins to say it in public.
It's the right message. The gravy train riders expecting the other half of the country to get up every morning and work for both their living and the Obama leeches like that message.
Self-reliance of the individual made this country what it is. Obama is about the exact opposite. In Obamania, the majority of the population lives on what the government steals from the minority of the population working in the economy. An idiot can predict a failed economy from that model.
Retired people - Gravy train riders
Veterans receiving benefits - gravy train riders
Both parents working full time- gravy train riders.
Students working Part time to pay for college - gravy train riders.

This s why you & Romney are idiots.

You both are too freakin stupid to know that retired people, students & millions of working Americans do not pay federal income taxes.

You are also too stupid to know most of these people pay other taxes that help support their federal, state & local governments.

But hey, what do you know? Evidently very little.

So when you got your pretend engineering degree, did you get a government loan? scholarship? Did your college receive federal money? If so, did you ride the gravy train?? You work in an government subsidized industry - riding that GD gravy train again.

Allentown, PA

#745950 Sep 19, 2012
And so it goes wrote:
<quoted text>
Can anyone explain why the treasury refuses to sell the stock owned by the US Government/tax payers and continues to allow it to sink further?
why do most ignorant stockholders ride their holdings into bankruptcy instead of selling at a loss while there is still so value????.....hopeless optimism combined with unwillingness to admit a mistake.....

but, never fear.....hussein obama will give GM another bailout....and another...and another....
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Cool Hand Luke

Scranton, PA

#745952 Sep 19, 2012
Gay Sexual Practices Lead to Uptick in Disease

FECAL SEX About 80% of gays admit to licking and/or inserting their tongues into the anus of partners and thus ingesting medically significant amounts of feces. Those who eat or wallow in it are probably at even greater risk. In the diary study,5 70% of the gays had engaged in this activity--half regularly over 6 months. Result?--the "annual incidence of hepatitis A in...homosexual men was 22 percent, whereas no heterosexual men acquired hepatitis A." In 1992,26 it was noted that the proportion of gays engaging in oral/anal sex had not declined.


Gay Men and Shigellosis
What is Shigellosis?
Shigellosis is a disease that causes stomach cramps, fever, diarrhea and sometimes bloody diarrhea.
What causes Shigellosis?
Shigellosis is caused by the Shigella bacterium. Shigella is found in feces (shit).
Who gets it?
Anyone can get Shigellosis. Gay men get Shigellosis at higher rates than others. People with a weakened immune
system get more sick than others.
How do you get it?
You can get Shigellosis when feces comes in contact with your mouth. This can happen with oral/anal sex play. This
can happen when you use your fingers or hand for anal sex play and then touch your mouth. Even microscopic
amounts of feces that get into your mouth can cause Shigellosis.
How can I avoid Shigella?
Play safely. In addition to safe sex guidelines to prevent HIV, maintain good hygiene. Wash every
part of your body that is sexual with soap and water before, after and between sex play. Use condoms
or other kinds of barriers like dental dams, latex gloves or plastic wrap and be aware of
what body parts may have come into contact with feces during sex play. Wash them with soap
and water. Use condoms with sex toys, and discard the condoms after use.
What do I do if I think I have Shigellosis?
• If you think you have Shigellosis, see your doctor.
• Inform your partners.
• Wash your hands a lot.
• Don’t have sex until 7 days after symptoms end.
• Talk with a medical provider about what you can do to reduce your risk.
Cool Hand Luke

Scranton, PA

#745953 Sep 19, 2012
Recommended New York sex ed site offers middleschoolers tips on eating feces, bestiality, fetishes


WARNING: very explicit content.

NEW YORK - The recommended curriculum for a mandatory sex education course to be implemented in New York middle and high schools next year directs students to a website that details “safe sex” practices regarding bestiality, coprophagia, and other extreme sexual fetishes.

The New York Post reported on Saturday that assignments in a workbook recommended by city education officials included giving middle schoolers “risk cards” to rate the safety of such activities as anal sex, oral sex, and “intercourse using a condom and an oil-based lubricant.”

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg defended the sex curriculum as necessary to combat the city's STD infections and out-of-wedlock births.

Teens are also told to learn the route from school to the nearest family planning clinic and research its confidentiality policy, or to report on condom brands and features such as lubrication.

But one of the most extreme aspects of the curriculum is its referral to “Go Ask Alice,” a website run by Columbia University that offers comprehensive analysis of sex fetishes and their hygienic pitfalls.

“The idea of experimenting with scat play might heat things up in the bedroom (or bathroom, or anywhere else you choose), but it’s always a good idea to consider the risks of a behavior before acting upon (or getting action from) it,” states the website in one page entitled “‘Scat’ play — is eating feces safe?” Other areas discuss pornography, drinking urine, and “favorite sexual positions.” One page proposes to overcome lack of information on the bestiality due to “stigmatization” of the practice.

Another section of the site diagnoses “homophobia” as an “irrational fear and subsequent discrimination and/or hatred of ... sexual non-conformists” caused by strong religious beliefs that are “disapproving of sex:”“While there is no one known cause of homophobia, research has shown that having strong religious beliefs disapproving of sex and/or homosexuality and having little or no contact with lesbian and gay people can negatively influence a person’s attitudes towards homosexuals.”

The NYC Parents’ Choice Coalition has launched a campaign against the new curriculum, urging parents to opt their kids out of the program. However, the city’s Department of Education defended the information as more in-depth instruction on safe-sex practices, and noted that abstinence would also be taught.

Mayor Bloomberg defended the sex curriculum as necessary to combat the city’s STD infections and out-of-wedlock births.“We have a responsibility, when you have an out of wedlock birthrate and a sexually transmitted disease rate that we have in this city, to try to do something about it,” said the mayor on Monday.“Shame on us if we don’t.”

CNN reports that the NYC Department of Education will mandate that all schools have a sexual education curriculum by next spring.

Click here for NYC Parents’ Choice Coalition’s contact page for Mayor Bloomgberg and the NYC Department of Education.
Razors Edge

Oak Lawn, IL

#745954 Sep 19, 2012
DBWriter wrote:
<quoted text>
It's very, very simple. I have a choice between a Marxist communist muslim supporter of the enemy that started a global war with us, and a successful capitalist who didn't spend his entire life hating the United States.
Marxist communism is the worst cancer that has ever infected human society in the history of civilization. You can bet I'm not voting for a product of the worst cancer that has ever infected human society in the history of civilization.
And, Islam is a religion of slavery and castes. You can bet I'm not voting for someone who is a member of a religion that condones slavery and a caste system.
And, radical Islamists are murderous terrorists and slaughtered 3000 Americans right here in our own country. You can bet I'm not voting for someone on their side.
That leaves only Romney as an adequate choice.
And, he's a very successful capitalist. It was capitalism that raised the living standard of the world from what it was a hundred years ago when if you had change in your pocket you were among the top 10 percent of the wealthiest people in the world to what it is today. Romney being a success in such a great system as capitalism, with its undeniable record of improving the lives of people around the world, is a hell of a line to have in a presidential resume... especially after the Democrats collapsed the largest economy in the world and it is in need of significant repairs. You can bet a Marxist communist like Obama would be clueless about how to put back together an economy he was instrumental in destroying.
It would appear that Americans having been insulated re Communism
Marxism,are not capable of grasping the true evil implications of
it?? I have tried my very best to point out the Horrors of it all
but the same reason they elected (Carelessly,Recklessly,Obama, is a
glimpse into the obtuse,mind set we have prevailing here in the
USA?) As one who experienced the Brutal Repression,Total loss of
freedom,Total Dependency on the Kremlin,Speech controlled,all the
aspects of normal human existence stripped away,Torture,Murder and
Imprisonment for Political reasons,no food,no vehicles,people are

completely Subjugated,your neighbors spying on you,giving false intel for gains etc..Not the way to survive!! But it has no immpression on the American Retrogression? Hope that is a good
word in English,Means going backwards into a worse situation?
Therefore one can not help,warn those who seem hell bent on
sending the US,into a strange form of a Burnt out Europe???
Cool Hand Luke

Scranton, PA

#745955 Sep 19, 2012
FDA: Gay Men Still Banned from Donating Blood Over Documented Risk Concerns


WASHINGTON, D.C.,– Despite attempts by pro-homosexual advocates to paint the homosexual lifestyle as just another, normal, and healthy lifestyle choice, the FDA has renewed its 1983 policy that gay men cannot donate blood, due to the high-risk nature of living an active homosexual lifestyle.

This past Wednesday the FDA stated that, despite mounting opposition to the policy, it will for medical reasons continue to uphold its ban on men who live or who have lived an active homosexual life from donating blood.

According to the FDA, the ban is in place because,“A history of male-to-male sex is associated with an increased risk for the presence of and transmission of certain infectious diseases, including HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.”

The FDA policy relating to homosexual men is unique in its severity. While there is a lengthy list of criteria by which a potential donor may be deferred from donating blood (such as visiting particular African countries), such bans usually expire after a certain period of time. The ban on homosexual men, however, applies to any man who has ever had sex with another man, even once, subsequent to 1977.

The Administration, however, argues that the strictness of the ban is justified, pointing out that the “policy is intended to protect all people who receive blood transfusions from an increased risk of exposure to potentially infected blood and blood products.”

Some, however, are arguing that the FDA’s policy is discriminatory against homosexual men. Arthur Caplan, in an editorial for NBC6 argues that new testing technologies alleviate any fear that patients may contract AIDS by receiving a tainted transfusion.“At one time, long ago, the gay-blood ban may have made sense. But it no longer does,” he said.

“If a man has sex with a high risk woman, he’s allowed back into the donation pool after 12 months,” complained Joel Ginsberg, the executive director of the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association.“If he has safe sex with another man, he’s banned for life.”

Recognizing that the area of homosexuality is a controversial realm, however, with pro-homosexual activists on the watch for any signs of discrimination, the FDA responded to accusations of discrimination in its updated official policy in the matter. The “deferral policy is based on the documented increased risk of certain transfusion transmissible infections, such as HIV, associated with male-to-male sex and is not based on any judgment concerning the donor’s sexual orientation,” reads the FDA’s policy.

“Surveillance data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicate that men who have sex with men and would be likely to donate have a HIV prevalence that is at present over 15 fold higher than the general population, and over 2000 fold higher than current repeat blood donors (i.e., those who have been negatively screened and tested) in the USA.”

Dr. Robertson Davenport, who is an associate professor of pathology at the University of Michigan Hospital, agrees with the decision of the FDA.“The data are clear that men who engage in sexual contact with other men, as a whole, have a significantly higher risk of HIV,” he said.“Given our testing is not perfect, we will increase the risk to patients.”

A number of European countries have similar bans pertaining to homosexual man. Canada also forbids homosexual men from donating blood, due to similar concerns.

Read the full text of “FDA Policy on Blood Donations from Men Who Have Sex with Other Men”:

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