Here we go again with the lying criminal bs.

Two years ago. Me and my spouse had to go to the courthouse to apply and renew passports. We had to put our things through the xray machine and spouse had to remove his belt.

ID? Holder. You are a f'n liar, like always. Is it true that you are a muslim? You sure DO seem to hate America. Well LEAVE it. And just how MUCH DO MY TAX DOLLARS TAKE to pay for you criminal bastards?????? Your ass is going down,'fast and furious' denier. You f'n rabblerouser.

And I close, again.

BUY A CHIN, freak. And btw. I noticed, too, how you have NO shoulders, you America hating f'n chinless shrimp. YOU HATE AMERICA because of YOUR SHORTCOMINGS. I have THREE brothers that would make you 'balls' look like raisins per you COWARDESS. I PRAY they send you packing you treasenous piece of shit. Seems to 'run' in the white house of late.