Everything is possible! "Impossible is nothing" is the slogan of Adidas, if the literal translation, it can be interpreted as nothing is impossible. As we all know, Adidas, one of the now world-famous sports brand, Nike, Reebok and other brands occupy a market share of the global sporting goods consumer. From its inception in 1920, Adidas ("ADIDAS" trade mark registration in 1948.
Adidas start-up, only a small workshop-style enterprise, but its vision has been aimed at the world's largest market. Therefore, early in the development of the company, Adidas will be the product of technological innovation as the driving force to develop new markets, increase brand awareness. Feature, "the best to the athletes is the company's brand development principles. Adidas founder Adi Dassler is not only track and field athletes and sports fans, is also a bit respected technology, quality and keen to innovative entrepreneurs and inventors, many technological breakthroughs in the Adidas sports shoes production process by , He has a total of 700 patents. At the same time, Adi Dassler is also the world's sports shoes production areas of its kind. In 1920, Adi invented the world's first pair of training under his leadership Adidas sports shoes, the birth of the world's first pair of skates and soccer cleats rubber cast. Adidas developed screw spikes is a revolutionary innovation, people even think that it has achieved a lot for the German football team in 1954 World Cup. Adidas brand known to the world began in the 1936 Olympic Games held in Berlin, Germany, in their home. Olympic Games on the eve of Adi extremely want to win American sprinter Jesse Owens, and assured him the spikes of their game is certainly a great help, but Owens refused. So Adi suggested that he try in before the training. A result, the results so that Owens was highly valued, and the Adidas spikes in the race, the results he sweep the four gold medals, shocked the world. Although Owens's own strength is not in doubt, but after all he selected in a number of running shoes, Adidas running shoes competition. Owens's performance has made the gallery of Adolf Hitler was furious, because the world hated Nazi Germany's consistent shot Owens wearing Adidas running shoes win photo widely circulated in the world. The establishment of world-renowned sporting goods brand, Adidas brand development is still with technological innovation to maintain close links. The 1956 Melbourne Olympic Games, Adidas launched a subsidiary brand --- "Melbourne", the brand used to the life adidas newly developed improved clinch type sports shoes. In the Olympic Games, the athletes wear Adidas sports shoes won 72 gold medals, so that the Adidas brand awareness has been greatly improved.