The AF continues to downplay the seriousness of what they are doing in NM communities actions that are affecting tens of thousands of men, women, and children. A women spoke on concerns of the affects of sonic booms on health and children at the Weed meeting. There are many who will disagree with AF claims that no damage is taking place. Hearing damage is but one problem assoiciated with the noise levels being heard and felt around this area. Parents especially should care about what their children are being exposed to that has the potential to affect other areas of their child's growth and development. The F-35 envronmental papers tell of damage that may or will occur to children and others exposed to the noise levels from such an airplane and noise levels aren't even accurate in those public papers. Noise from the f-22 is also dangerous and the AF knows that. In Nevada the medical community in areas around where tests were being done opposed sonic booms over people according to reports. There, only a very small number of rural people were sonic boomed near the ranges, whereas here it is tens of thousands and will increase if range spaces are increased, which is what the AF has planned to do. The AF increased it's ranges in this area to include the area over some counties some years back when the F-22 was being placed here, and now want area over other counties.