I am very concerned that Mr Flint or Mr Gulliver did not appear in front of the Committee, why did the not appear or is them showing Courageous Integrity?

"Twice in the past 10 years HSBC has been cited by US bank regulators for deficient anti-money laundering policies and ordered to take corrective action".

As Mr Flint was the Finance Director at the time and now as Chairman, he has to be held responsible for this criminal behaviour.

What are our Board of Directors doing besides staying silent, is this their Courageous Integrity or is it Faint heartedness (Cowardice)?

Will Mr Flint do the right (as per HSBC Values see page 9 Annual Report) and resign?

Will Mr Flint restore some of the reputation of HSBC (he talks about so much) and resign today?

What is Mrs R.A. Fairhead Board Director (CEO of FT Group) of HSBC Holdings Plc doing about the Chairman? Mrs Fairhead is Chairwoman of the Group Risk Committee, why are you silent?

Michael Mason-Mahon
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