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#712208 Aug 15, 2012
Lord Fetch wrote:
<quoted text>sorry ma'am...i don't speak f*cktard
Then how do you and dem communicate? Or are no words needed when he bends over?
Lord Fetch

Chicago, IL

#712209 Aug 15, 2012
“I’m very supportive of the Ryan budget plan. It’s a bold and exciting effort on his part and on the part of the Republicans and it’s very much consistent with what I put out earlier." Mitt Romney
Lord Fetch

Chicago, IL

#712210 Aug 15, 2012
“He is setting the right tone for finally getting spending and entitlements under control. …Anyone who has read my book knows that we are on the same page.’”
Lord Fetch

Chicago, IL

#712211 Aug 15, 2012
“I think it’d be marvelous if the Senate were to pick up Paul Ryan’s budgetand to adopt it and pass it along to the president,”
Lord Fetch

Chicago, IL

#712212 Aug 15, 2012
“I spent a good deal of time with Congressman Ryan. When his plan came out, I applauded it, as an important step. … We’re going to have to make changes like the ones Paul Ryan proposed.”

Chicago, IL

#712213 Aug 15, 2012
And so it goes wrote:
<quoted text>Says the person who spends more hours than anyone else here posting posts about his fixation about dk and fk. Maybe that is your Beevis way to get your jollies.
you must be in tune with your audience or as I refer to you as 'my mutts'.
Little late for a victory speech?
Get held up with a depends change?
still the same

Bronx, NY

#712214 Aug 15, 2012
They Hyped BORAT OBAMA u da man borat they love u look we will name everything in your name borat how does obamacare sound you will be Fing immortal borat you got it made White mother Kenyan drunk father perfect lololhaha
Lord Fetch

Chicago, IL

#712215 Aug 15, 2012
“Paul Ryan and I have been working together over some months to talk about our mutual plans and we’re on the same page.”
Lord Fetch

Chicago, IL

#712216 Aug 15, 2012
i'd say it's tough to be eman but anyone that thick skulled would know the difference

Lithia, FL

#712217 Aug 15, 2012
<quoted text>
Oh....too bad....those Nazi if not for Aryan Klan Parent Hood and all the great free government birth control controlling the numbers of blacks. liberals, browns, and ignorant born fruitcake ghetto queers and gay marriages... The democratic party would not become a remembrance in 20 years...
It's the culture..
Razors Edge

Oak Lawn, IL

#712218 Aug 15, 2012
They had the Gall to get upset with Col.Allen
West FL.When he Stated the WH is full of Communists
LOL...Bad enought we have the CBC,The Hispanic Org?
When will we have the CWC?? The Caucasian Org?????
Time to speak up folks..After the Election of course.(Obamas Favorite Words) Level playing
field,Glad the Scotus is reviewing the AA Racist
BS..Its only been ten years,Of discrimation vs
Whites???? LOL..

Indianapolis, IN

#712219 Aug 15, 2012
dem wrote:
<quoted text>
WTF is Norquist? Some gay fktard like you?
Grover Norquist And A Radical Tea Party Agenda: What More Do You Need To Know?
Lord Fetch

Chicago, IL

#712220 Aug 15, 2012
Eman wrote:
<quoted text>
Then how do you and dem communicate? Or are no words needed when he bends over? predictable as the tide

Chicago, IL

#712221 Aug 15, 2012
Eman wrote:
<quoted text>This is a great point. But before we can discuss this further, you need to define "tax the wealthiest Americans less" and "many of the poorest ones more". So let's get some numbers, shall we?
bwhahaha. Uh wait what?
Are you pretending to be an economist now?
Baby steps, gunners bitch.
First try and convince us you're not retarded.

Chicago, IL

#712222 Aug 15, 2012
Lord Fetch wrote:
<quoted text>sorry ma'am...i don't speak f*cktard
if I may?

She said "Winning!".
Lord Fetch

Chicago, IL

#712223 Aug 15, 2012
Florida wrote:
<quoted text>500 billion dollars pilfered from Medicare into obamakare is a waste eggplant...
It'sthe culture..
you were up to 724 billion earlier? shock treatment went well today i see

Chicago, IL

#712224 Aug 15, 2012
Eman wrote:
<quoted text>Then how do you and dem communicate? Or are no words needed when he bends over?
funny how the grand island granny isn't upset by your words.

Since: May 11

New Bloomfield, PA

#712225 Aug 15, 2012
Eman wrote:
<quoted text>
This just shows you don't understand. You say bush lost jobs whole obama gained them all the while ignoring the world market. Loony left wingers are so stupid.
So when you right wingers run screaming down the street about 8% unemployment having a freakin fit about Obama, you took market conditions into effect.

You right wingers are such a pack of hypocrites.

You guys keep telling me how great the economy was under Bush.

Now you blame market conditions on the loss of our manufacturing jobs???

I don't totally blame Bush & the Republicans. If you recall,my post was in response from one of your right wing buddies having the typical right wing tissy fit about manufacturing contracting in the last jobs report.

Evidently it is OK to blame Obama for that & not blame Bush for flushing 1/3 of those jobs down the toilet.

I blame people like Mitt Romney & the Wall Street Crowd. Someday I'll explain it.

I blame those who decided to delay corp income tax collection until the foreign profits come back.

And I will Blame Pail Ryan & Mitt Romney & the Republicans if they pass their idea that foreign earned corporate profits are tax free. If you vote for them,. I will blame you too for being so stupid.
And so it goes

Gering, NE

#712226 Aug 15, 2012
Lord Fetch wrote:
<quoted text>The 700 billion dollar savings come predominantly from limiting waste, fraud and abuse, mostly in Medicare Advantage, and are budgeted to help subsidize insurance for people under the ACA. As such, independent fact-checkers and news analysts alike have disputed the Romney campaign's characterization.
leave your brain to science for study...clearly you're not using it
Who cares what the Fact Checkers are saying on this topic?

When you remove $714 billion from Medicare to pay for ObamaTax & Care (as vouched for by the CBO) you have removed the money from Medicare. The fact that you attempt to argue with this obvious and common sense knowledge shows you are way too much of LEFT shill.

Now that the issue is ObamaTax & Care is paying for its' funding by taking monies out of Medicare is a settled issue (except for the Left deniers). The claim is that they will attempt to make up for the missing money taken from Medicare by limiting waste, fraud and abuse, mostly in Medicare Advantage, and are budgeted to help subsidize insurance for people under the ACA. To ensure this 'savings" will be protected to pay for ObamaTax & Care there is a panel who will slash Medicare payments to keep the 714 billion secure for the new program.

It was subtle but not so careful slight of hand Fact Checker pulled.

Indianapolis, IN

#712227 Aug 15, 2012
Romney-Ryan Medicare Strategy Comes Into Sharp Relief

It’s clear the Romney campaign fully anticipated an attack on Rep. Paul Ryan’s Medicare reform proposal. Its premeditated response so far has been quite clever.

Step one: Remind voters of Obamacare’s cuts to — the “raid” on!— Medicare. Step two: Promise to restore those “arbitrary” cuts. Step three: Characterize Romney-Ryan Medicare reform proposal — which reduces spending below current law by 35-45 percent), but not until 10 years from now — as a means of strengthening, not cutting, the program.(To hear this argument more fully fleshed out, see James C. Capretta and Yuval Levin.)

Never asked, let alone answered, is the question that if Romney’s Medicare reforms are so painless, why not demand that current beneficiaries accept them? Why is it necessary to spare them from structural reforms that are so self-evidently “sensible”(Capretta’s word)?(To his credit, Reihan Salam indeed calls for a faster timetable for the premium-support changeover.)

That this Orwellian gambit is being pitched as the bold, courageous, grown-up alternative to politics as usual is, on its face, pretty astonishing.

But I’ve long since lost the ability to be astonished by Mitt Romney and Eric Fehrnstrom’s cynicism.

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