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"The road ahead will be long. Our climb will be steep," Obama cautioned. Young and charismatic but with little experience on the national level, Obama smashed through racial barriers and easily defeated ... Full Story

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Joliet, Illinois

#705290 Aug 8, 2012
RealDave wrote:
<quoted text>
Is drilling any more restricted in area than under the bulk of the Bush administration?
you bet
Sly Fox

Port Saint Lucie, FL

#705291 Aug 8, 2012
Lord Fetch wrote:
<quoted text>why would any republican knuckle draggers vote for obama? i think you need to lie down ma'am
No one with a lick of sense or an ounce of patriotism would. Its only you anti American morons (read Libs) who would do so.

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#705292 Aug 8, 2012
Obama and Co....

charging immigrants $465 for two years "anmesty" errals...

Indianapolis, IN

#705293 Aug 8, 2012
"Since Romney’s campaign is overflowing with Bush administration veterans, it’s a bit late to be worrying about creating the impression that electing Romney would represent a return to the Bush era."
Lord Fetch

Chicago, IL

#705294 Aug 8, 2012
The aging republican party has painted itself into a corner. Not only has it's representative voices become increasingly unstable and paranoid but it's elected officials have been caught sucking dicks at an alarming rate. Analysis has shown that old white scared men have been secretly gobbling cock for decades in pre determined airport bathrooms, Republican conventions and tea party meetings signalling what may turn out to be a coming extinction of sorts. Theories have been put forth by leading biologists suggesting that the earth itself may be trying to rid itself of this cancer through selective hormonal spiking, causing the retarded old goats to "homosexualize", and then hate each other to death. Retarded old men had no comment but did ask where the nearest public bathroom was.

Since: Sep 08

Joliet, Illinois

#705295 Aug 8, 2012
RealDave wrote:
<quoted text>
Tell us about Brazil.
Quote Barack Obama "The United States will be your biggest customer."

I believe that was stimulus funding that was diverted to Brazil for Oil exploration off of the Barazilian coast.
Grand Birther

Charleston, WV

#705296 Aug 8, 2012
Florida wrote:
<quoted text>Just let them idiot4life democRats whim and whine about taxes... Fuckem4life... Hell they have nothing else.. but an outsourced obama and sellout Obama4life...
It's the culture...
Nicely put, good command of English language
our more years loser

Milford, CT

#705297 Aug 8, 2012
RealDave wrote:
<quoted text>
I'm tired of paying when his employees need Healthcare & can't pay.
Another food place I will never ever eat at because their owners are dicks.
Get back to us when you complain about the Kenyan buying votes with welfare

Over 100M in America on Federal Welfare...
Lord Fetch

Chicago, IL

#705298 Aug 8, 2012
Sly Fox wrote:
<quoted text>No one with a lick of sense or an ounce of patriotism would. Its only you anti American morons (read Libs) who would do so.
says an anti american moron.


Since: Jul 12

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#705299 Aug 8, 2012
I find it hilarious that Obama is trying to run on Clintons record.
Lord Fetch

Chicago, IL

#705300 Aug 8, 2012
Sly Fox wrote:
<quoted text>It would also be appropriate to remember Bill Clinton's refusa; to allow drilling in ANWAR.
smart man. the best place to find oil is in your hair, i recommend we commence drilling now

Since: Dec 08

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#705301 Aug 8, 2012
RealDave wrote:
<quoted text>
I'm tired of paying when his employees need Healthcare & can't pay.
Another food place I will never ever eat at because their owners are dicks.
Don't you own a small business? you have never angered anyone? How would you feel if your business was targeted Dave?

Spokane, WA

#705302 Aug 8, 2012
dem wrote:
<quoted text>
wow you could almost put Obamas name in place of Romney if we were discussing the presidency, old moron.
You couldn't be more wrong. Obama stepped into the Senate with a Democrat majority in Congress. Obama stepped into The White House with a majority control of Congress. Obama implemented policy that was anti-productive. Obama complained about the 4.5% unemployment numbers under Bush,the numbers have not gone below 8% under Obama even though he promised that if he could funnel trillions of dollars to his cronies the unemployment number would never go above 8%. Obama added 5 trillion dollars to the national debt with nothing to show for it except tens of millions of people struggling to find jobs. Romney utilized his experience to control spending in the state and made government programs more efficient,using fiscal discipline he was able to eliminate a $3 billion deficit without borrowing or raising taxes. Obama doesn't believe in financial discipline or personal responsibility,their paths couldn't be more different.

Since: Sep 08

Joliet, Illinois

#705303 Aug 8, 2012
dem wrote:
<quoted text>
of course a gun nut like you would know wind mills don't work.
I won't ask for a link.
You're too dumb for plausible proof.
I didn't say wind mills don't work.

I said they produce very little electricity. There is a subtle difference there but you are too busy calling people names to notice small details like that.

Cromwell, CT

#705304 Aug 8, 2012
Eman wrote:
<quoted text>
At least you dropped the "keep them dumb and keep them on the farm" bullshit. Just in case you didn't notice, that was the bash. Stupid fck.
Research Desk responds: Do conservative states get more federal money?

While that may look dramatic, it is important to remember that a lot of federal aid to states -- Medicaid, welfare, education funds -- go disproportionately to poor cities, and Democratic states tend to be more urban than their Republican counterparts. So while joemomma1 was incorrect in thinking that Republican states receive more, on average, from the federal government, it is hard to view the discrepancy that is there as all that significant.

Since: Sep 08

Joliet, Illinois

#705305 Aug 8, 2012
Lord Fetch wrote:
<quoted text>don't you get tired of being a monkey? really, don't you? no wonder you need a gun, in the wild, the stupid are the first to go
No, because I am not a monkey. Look in any mirrors lately?

Since: Dec 08

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#705306 Aug 8, 2012
"...If, God forbid, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, or Joe Biden were to be struck by genuine neurological dementia, how would we be able to tell?"

Indianapolis, IN

#705307 Aug 8, 2012
Harry Reid Borrows from the Birthers—To Great Effect

As you may have seen, Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid has created a ruckus by alleging—based on a secret but "extremely credible" source—that Romney hasn't paid taxes for ten years. Normally, this is not the kind of thing that is allowed. But this is 2012; everything's allowed!

Beginning with the Swift Boat attacks in 2004 and really blossoming with the Birther movement, our political culture has somehow evolved to support and even endorse the empty smear as a valid tactic. Donald Trump kicked off the current campaign season by claiming anew that Obama wasn't born here, forcing Obama to release his long-form birth certificate. It's that same principle that allows Romney to run around saying the president hates business because of the "you didn't build that" comment, which everyone, including Romney, knows is a gross warping of the truth. It's like you don't even have to hide it anymore.

The smartest practitioner of the Birther tactics, though, may be Reid, who realized that there would be no way for Romney to rebut his attack without releasing the tax returns, which Romney claims he won't do. I'm not going to say that questioning Obama's citizenship and questioning Romney's financial history are equally valid. But they share a certain strategic value. Whether Reid's source actually exists or whether he just dreamed this up as a way to f*ck with Romney, the move is brilliant politics: the longer he goes around saying Romney paid no taxes for 10 years, the more ingrained it will be in the minds of voters inclined to be suspicious of the former Governor's wealth. And if Romney ultimately releases his tax returns and proves Reid wrong? Well, Reid then just blames his source and moves on. Or—if the Birther model holds—Romney-haters will just say the returns are fake.

The Donald took to Twitter to to sneer at Reid and his "extremely credible source," but come on— he should be proud to see his favorite move in use.

Read More

The real media are having a blast with that one. The same sort of thing is popping up all over the place.

Indianapolis, IN

#705308 Aug 8, 2012
Harry Reid Is Vilified by a Press Corps That Tolerates Much Worse From the Right

When it comes to making wild, unsubstantiated allegations, the GOP benefits from the soft bigotry of low expectations—at this point, few people can bring themselves to get that worked up about insane Republican mudslinging.





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New Bloomfield, PA

#705309 Aug 8, 2012
EasyEed wrote:
<quoted text>
"real dumb"
You debunk nothing. You just recite the liberal left party line. You have not a thought of your own.
- You deny unemployment has not been below 8% for 41 straight months since president nobama's stimulus bill was passed?
- You deny president nobama has not increased the nation's debt by 5 trillion after he promised to reduce it by 2 trillion?
- You do deny that GDP growth is less than 1.5%, less than the inflation rate?
- You do deny the fact that the housing market is in the crapper?
- You do deny the fact that a record number of American's are getting food stamp assistance
- You do deny that less than 1/2 of American's pay Federal Income Tax tax, but receive the benefits of a benevolent government
Save your breath, your response will be it is Bush's fault. A nothing response, but all you loons have.
Too funny.

I've caught you in numerous lies. Just as I have your right wing buddies.

I deny there was a promise of 8%. The CBO confirmed that the stimulus bill did what it was promised to do. Lower peak unemployment from between 1/2% and 1 1/2%.

You deny that the unemployment situation is due to the recession that started under George Bush.

I don't deny the statistics, f*cking dumbass.

I don't blame these on Obama like you do.

I blame them on George W Bush & the Republicans who took us off the path of balanced budgets& down the road to the worse recession in 80 years, near financial meltdown & housing collapse.

I challenge you to deny that none of those stats you posted would be that way if there was not a recession.

But hey, to a dumbass like you, none of this is Bush's fault. They just magically happened under his administration after starting with a balanced budget.


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