Jesse Jackson Jr. was the Congressman who had the COURAGE to speak out against the SLAUGHTER of black-Africans after Ghaddafi was ousted by the Illegal War in Libya.

"Rep. Jackson (D-IL-2) also tells The Black Star News he will ask that U.S. assistance for reconstruction and transition to democracy in Libya be conditional. The Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday that rebels from Misurata had torched the homes that belonged to the predominantly dark-skinned residents of the city of Tawergha, which is now abandoned."

"A Journal reporter witnessed some of the torching and wrote that the words “slaves” and “negroes” were scribbled on the walls of the now emptied homes."

"The town’s entire population of 10,000 is gone."
Of course the Corporate Fascist Media does not want this to come out so they blaclballed Jesse Jackson Jr.: thus leading to his depression.