As a veteran what is disturbing about Tom Cotton is his honor and integrity. Captain Tom Cotton, USAR has approved campaign material where he cites he is a US Army Ranger. At best this is a stretch of qualifications, at worst an attempt to saddle himself as a special operator and some kind of super soldier. Those in the know, view him as nothing but a hollow soldier, someone who has overinflated his qualifications and an officer who compromises his integrity. 

Tom Cotton is a graduate of the two month Army Ranger School and is entitled to wear the Ranger Tab. Big deal, this is something which 99 percent of infantry officers wear as well as a many others army officers. It is a ticket punch school which is a must for an army infantry officer's career. It would be extremely unusual for any infantry officer not to have one. On the other hand in the last 30 years a US Army Ranger is someone who has or is serving in a Ranger Battalion or the 75th Ranger Regiment. And to many, someone who wears their scroll as a combat patch; meaning you went into ground combat with them.

It is a mystery, with all of Tom Cotton's qualifications why he would focus on something so questionable. It is a disgrace to overstate ones military qualifications. It dishonors all veterans. And for an officer like Tom Cotton, it is a compromise of their oath of office and service.

 Evidently, Tom Cotton is a graduate of Harvard and Harvard Law School. He is one of roughly 500 every year who have that honor. He has clerked as a judge, another honor. He has served as a infantry officer in combat with the 101st. Another accomplishment. With all of this why focus and highlight on something you are not? 

Another factor which questions his integrity the occupation listed on the ballot. Tom Cotton's occupation as a farmer. When did that happen? The man has pretty much gone to school, served in the military or in Washington D.C. since he was an adult. In the last few years Tom Cotton has been lobbying for special interests for the republican party. Which begs the question. Exactly how much time on a Arkansas farm did Tom Cotton log since he was 18?

The real issue and reason not to vote for Tom Cotton is a lack of honesty and integrity. Someone who advertises what he is not and steals the honor from others has some serious personality issues. I would not like to see that person be a congressman. I would like someone who knows Arkansas and the district representing us. Someone who is above all else, honest in who they are. We do not need to send another liar to Washington D.C.? We already have to many of those.