Take the road from Louang Prababng to Keui Kacham then head out to Muong Sui; you may want to detour Muong Sui to visit Phou Nong Phee (Devil Lake)and Phou Fa (Sky Lake)via hiking for several miles to get feesh air and seeing opium poppy field at Phou Fa area, the best region to grow opium. Return to Muong Sui and heading toward plain of Jars. B esure to stop at various sites such as Ban Ban, Lat Huang, Muong Khoun, Muong Pek, Lat Sene, Plain of Jars, Nong Het, Sala Phou Khoun, Nong Pet (Lake Duck or Swan), Nong Tang (Lake Chair).

Please ask local people to cook you Phar Vanh (sweet leaf), junior bamboo's shoot, and bamboo worm / insect, and hunting senior bees (daiv).

You ask local people to cook you the porcuppine dish (nqaij tsaug thiab nploos) and quav ntses pas moob (the inside of Pas Moob fish).

Wild chicken dish is another best one that you can not miss.

Good luck to ypour planned trip