Mursi is emboldened by the Mozlem Brother obsessed Obama to grab power with violence and terror using the Hamas terrorists which is typical to the Mozlem Brotherhood effort to control Egypt and the Caliphate with its center in Jerusalem that will be confiscated from Israel. Obama threatened the Egyptian military to surrender to Mursi while taking advantage of the Egyptian military dependence on arms from America. However, both the Egyptian court and the Military Generals led by Tantawi determined to keep the laws and Mursi power is limited to the Obama threats from the White House and Hamas terrorists of Gaza that are the military terrorist organization of the Mozlem Brothers and the Iranian regime against the Egyptian military leaders. Obama proved that he cannot care less about the peace treaty with Israel that he will keep until the November elections as Mursi will claim that he will not trash the peace treaty before the Obama re-election. After the elections, Obama if elected will have lots of flexibility to work with the Mozlem Brotherhood of Egypt, the Iranian regime and the Russian regime of Putin in his efforts to get Jerusalem from the Jews and convert Jerusalem to the center of the Mozlem Brother Caliphate. However, Obama will fail to e re-elected as Israel will not wait for the elections and will destroy the Iranian regime and its nukes before November thus reducing to zero Obama's chance for re-election.