Makes it more easy for Burma to come and get their Siam slaves back.

Jek Chakri siam stole the SukhoTai Siam monarchy, when the Burmese occupied Siam.

The Burmese killed SukhoTai Siam King. And took many Siam as slaves. While the Siam army retreated.

The Kingdom of Lan Xang and Khmer King with the request of King Taksin, helped pushed the Burmese back.

In a power struggle General Jek Chakri killed his king, King Taksin.

After helping the Siam repelled back the Burmese, Jek Chakri of Siam back stabbed Lan Xang and Khmer by invading their countries and took their people as slaves. Thus you have Esan slaves today, still serving Jek in Bangkok.