I can understand the stopping of pain killers if the people are selling or giving pills to kids. I cant understand the stopping ot trying to stop doctors or fnps from writing prescriptions to people that are in pain and cant help it. I dont like pain meds but my dad had arthritis so bad he could hardly walk at times and I have seen many others the same way. I guess what really gets me is the doctors that start patients on pain
pills and then just up and stop writing them and let the patients suffer and worry. I dont think this is right. Pain isnt funny it hurts, but I honestly think I could tell by the way a person acts if they needed, used or were selling the pills. The boold work should tell the difference. If they arent using them and may be selling or giving to kids to get them hooked, then dont give them to those people, but dont hurt people help them. Whether with pain pills or not. These stupid shots that dont help and can hurt and do damage...Leave them alone and dont send people to them.