He successfully delivered over 4000 babies as a doctor.

The competition? Mostly people from Wall-Street, or associated with Wall-Street.

Ron Paul's also in the 99% I believe, like you and me. Not the 1% fat rich cats depriving you of every penny they can with fee's and fines, and overregulation.

He supports the constitution fully, more than any other candidates, its funny, most of the candidates, and definitely Obama, discuss how they can destroy your rights the fastest without you being able to do anything about it. About 7/8 people are normal, good hearted people, but it just so happens 7/8 people that run for office today are absolutely and totally unquestionably completely unsuitable candidates to be (what is called) the most powerful man on earth.

I also would never blindly follow anything, including a fake political face that can pay off the media with money from corrupt "interest groups", or corporations, by doing what they want him too, and following there orders.

Its been proven corporations literally pay politicians (the many corrupt ones), and then politicians secretly in the future hook them up by creating laws in there interests.(Why do you think Hemp, the single most useful plant known on earth, was illegalized in 1937? The timber companies pockets were in Jeopardy, poor them).

This is the honest truth as I have discovered it, and it continues to be proven again and again that something needs to be done, by the people. And it does NOT need to be the same old smiling, media promoted robot faced wall street politicians. It needs to be a real person who you can tell is real. Thats Ron Paul for me, he fixed Texas up great, they have jobs.

Just do whats right, and learn before you vote. See all sides of the story. Never blindly follow anyone in hope (especially Obama).