One of the biggest scams employed against the increasingly impoverished minority of Americans who pay taxes is the "non profit" scam. The reason businesses get a Big Government license to become "non profit" is so that "their fair share" of taxes will be paid by the overtaxed "little folks". Some of the nation's most lucrative businesses are wealthy "non profit" businesses.

It makes no difference whether the "non profit" business is Big Dog, Big Heart, or Big Pot, they are all running the same taxpayer funded scam. Not only do wealthy "non profit" operators live in the lap of luxury as a result of receiving outrageous salaries and benefits, but they also work the scam in such a manner that they often get free "volunteer" labor from well-meaning dupes who desire to contribute their time preforming what they believe to be public services.

When a well-heeled lawyer for Big Pot was asked by Mayor Foster recently what he is getting paid, his reply was "that is none of your business". I wonder why?

I would like to think that Big Council just got taken in by a gang of "non profit" Big Pot illegal drug pushers. Whether they did, or whether they are conscious agents of the Big Pot conspiracy would be hard to prove, one way or the other.

One thing is certain, though. It will be the minority of Long Beachers who pay taxes who will be paying the legal costs, as well as any financial damages the Government courts may award these Government licensed "non profit" business operators.