Ahh, more scare tactics from those who have NOTHING left but the race card, and it ain't gonna fly, not this time. The only thing that will be killed by the overturning of nobamacare will be nobama figuratively that is, his political career. That's not the only thing out to get him! There's the economy he's failed to help the private sector get moving. Which in turn has jumped unemployment back up to 8.2%(with the REAL #'s closer to 12-15%). Then there is the deficit he promised to cut in half by the end of his 1st term, that has grown to going on 16 TRILLION! Not to mention the F&F disaster. I think it's safe to say he's make his bed, and now he's going to have to lay in it! His goose id cooked! The labor dept or the CBO, or some other gov't waste of money has predicted the economy will grow LESS than the already predicted pathetic rate of 1.5% this yr. As a result unemployment is expected to remain above 8% throught at least the rest of the yr. All this was of course UNEXPECTED? Well we KNOW what that means historically for those looking for another term, THE END! With any luck, which at this point I do not believe is a factor, come November he's OUT! I'm looking for a concession speech sometime EARLY on November 6th! Tea Party 2012!