Looked @ this one on the NEIC.

This one has a moment vector implying compression of the S. Andaman arc rather than the adjacent Sumatra arc (this bit of Simeulue sits in the junction box).

The Easternmost part of the S. Andaman backarc basin did not take part in the rebound/long duration mercalli X (r/lx) event of 26/12/2004. The arc segment also contains the volcano Bur Ni Geureudong,(which is now quiet). No tsunami as this was merely a recompression event in the central forearc range (actually above sea lvel @ Simeulue).

The r/lx of the Geureudong segment is due in the future but may be a few decades away. The extreme SE. of the Andaman backarc basin does not spread as rapidly as the Aceh-Sentinel segments which let go aft in 2004, and this difference in spreading rate is the reason for the disparity in r/lx interval time. When it goes "pop" the runout will be backarc (15-30m or thereabouts) and a vector of SSW. Recompression prior to r/lx has a vector NNE-SSW.

A large tsunami that hit Simeulue in 1908 was actually the r/lx of the N. part of the Sumatra arc (Kembar volcano) with an SW. vector, and classical arc r/lx runout (10-15m). Recompression from this r/lx has a different moment tensor (NE-SW). Recompression events from this r/lx are quite common, but as a result of it happening in 1908, the next one in that vector will be at least 2 centuries away from the last event and the recompression is probably still in its early stages.

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