For sale Gradient Bright 3
DHV1 beginner / intermidiate wing
Size: 28 (90 - 110 kg.)
Colour: Red-withe

This is beginer glider I bought this glider new - November 2010 It has around 10hours of flying maybe 50-60 flights from some small hills and some hours just kiting and playing with the wing. I'm weekend pilot and don't have much time to use it this winter. Itís in great condition NEW. I treat the glider very carefully and with great respect. After every flight when I'm back home I open it to dry if there is some moisture and then pack it cheerfully again.
It still has valid warranty card valid till November 2011.

I'm selling this glider because I want to switch to another more advance glider DHV2

Regular new price is £1,850

my price £1200
Manufacture specification:
review: (shrinked URL)=view&id=21&Itemid =43

The package includes: wing - Gradient Bright 3, GRADIENT RUCKSACK brand new never used and repair kit.

I will post it to EU.

I will send pictures if some one want..

email me viktor.gk [at] I will send you my number if some one wants to see the glider.