Brisbane, Australia

#1382 Jun 2, 2012
Hot and dry
still, I wait
under the sun
on the cracking floor

I hear whispers
through the leaves
and birds that fly high
they tell of your coming

Then here you are
trickling around me
rushing past me
covering, embracing

Slowly the heat
is dissolved
I am cool
I am wet.

Brisbane, Australia

#1383 Jun 2, 2012
Maybe I am just a little more sensitive
And scar a lot more easily

Self analysis
The harshest critique was
Always going to be myself
Its not paranoia
Because nobodies really plotting
Its not paranoia
Because Iím not important enough
To be hated

All the thoughts of rope swings
and empty plastics canisters and
hotel room showers
Is all dramatics that
everyone thinks about
for hours, days, years,
The bottle is always half full
But the sky is always blue.....

Brisbane, Australia

#1384 Jun 2, 2012
Are we now but lonely strangers ?

Two feigned smiles in a bargaining crowd.
eyes that hide away in a corner.
shoulders that brush against each other.
unaffected by their touching.

A carny chirrups epithets.
we are bought and sold like kitsch.

Children scuttle past with silly faces
releasing their grip on balloon strings.
the rudiments of physical chemistry.
purple hearts and crocodiles
rival for the sky.
horses shake their heads and sigh.
we're the joke of the fair this year.

I'll meet you by the whipping post.
I'll gawk at you.
you'll gawk at me.

We'll connect somehow in agony.

Brisbane, Australia

#1385 Jun 2, 2012
leaning over the railing
I watch her lean
toward the entertainer
see her eyes watching
as he sips wine his mouth
caressing the glass rim
her tongue licking amber
wet lips

I dare her to look up

she gives him her best
Pepsodent smile fresh
as snowflakes chaste
as a bridal veil a poem
about to be written

like a queasy guppy I swim
through tables bump against
walls escape to freezing
Calgary streets walk until
icicles harden my heart.....

fuck ! she is lost to me......

forever !

Brisbane, Australia

#1387 Jun 2, 2012
Territories passing by
no poetry beside them,
and always there will be your face,
your sex,
your drugs, your faithless wedding vows--

this poem doesn't read you well.

and heroin was sexier than anything your lips could wear,
we pushed until envelope would bend;
we loved ourselves in cold and masochistic playground battles.
nursing our damaged knees
oh how you loved to fall with me.

this poem can't remember
how to navigate....

the is of you, the was of everything that ever mattered,

queen Oh my queen come gag here at the scepter--

this poem is the porn of you,
meter-gag, money, and cum shots.

Adrian DeVine (circa 2011)

Brisbane, Australia

#1388 Jun 2, 2012
our bond is in the distance,
it has to be,

the miles and years,
a space folding into itself,

and the accuracy it makes of us.
a mutual craving,

some exactitude of words,
a lock box of laughter, this potential

we turn some meaning ofó
it is all we need to survive.

we have no use for hands.
forget the body, second rate protagonist,

commotion of blood and limb, the need
gnawing at the empty half of a room,

we do not need the walls to writhe,
the moon in here to hold us upright.

Ken Rex

Euless, TX

#1389 Jun 3, 2012
I finally got you
you fuucker

and the mouse said to the cat:
it took you long

and the cat said to the mouse:
that’s because you were
playing hard
to get

and the mouse said to the cat:
what did you expect?

and the cat said to the mouse:
don’t give me that shit
you’ve been wantin’
this for

and the mouse said to the cat:
just get it
over with

and the cat said to the mouse:
oh no
you’re not
getting off
that easy

and the mouse said to the cat:
of course not
it’s a tough life
for little things

and the cat said to the mouse:
I’m enjoying this

and the mouse said to the cat:
but it

and the cat said to the mouse:
you should’ve
thought of that

and the mouse said to the cat:

and the cat said to the mouse:

and the mouse said to the cat:
I’ll do
you want


and the cat said to the mouse:

and the mouse said to the cat:


and then I said
to the cat
and mouse:
can you two
do that
somewhere else
for Christ’s
sake !
I think this is my favorite one yours ??
Ken Rex

Euless, TX

#1390 Jun 3, 2012
I knew there would be days like this;
the clock crawling across the wall,
depression in the sky,
only memories to fill the time
I hoped to use for writing,

so I leave the silence
to speak for itself
and submit a blank page
to which I sign my name

noting the time exactly
when the first drop of darkness
falls in the yard where the birds
have been calling
since dawn.
this is how I felt all day:(

Level 8

Since: Jun 08

Location hidden

#1391 Jun 3, 2012
Your Master Is Home

It's been too long, home at last home at last
I brush back your hair and gaze down at you
Quietly watching you curled safe in our bed
nuzzling your neck, softly I whisper in your ear.
My sweet loving pet, your Master is home

you lay deep in slumber wrapped in my robe,
peacefully dreaming of pleasures shared
A smile like a wolf's flickers over my lips
I sit next to you feeling your warm flesh
I slowly expose your silken skin to my touch.

I wet My finger in My mouth to write my name
between the mounds of your full ripe breasts,
warm letters spell out my love upon your skin,
I blow gently over them, My breath cooling...
soft tingling breeze, like mint on the tongue.

smiling, wriggling deeper into your dreams,
you quietly sigh and part your legs for me,
I watch over you in the flickering candlelight,
like a wolf watching over his sleeping mate
My sweet loving pet, your Master is home

Level 8

Since: Jun 08

Location hidden

#1392 Jun 3, 2012
Sex and Chocolate

deep chocolate covered kisses in the bath
hungry heart and mouth ready to begin again
comfort food for the soul, sex and chocolate
writing love poems on your hot flushed skin
mouth warmed chocolate rolls upon the tongue
songs from my heart written on sandy shore
freed to dance, swept up in a primal tidal flow

deep chocolate covered kisses in the bath
I smile at you, lick you clean and beg for more
burning bright, I whisper and croon the words
sweet songs My heart wrote for your ear alone
hungry heart and mouth ready to begin again
freed to dance, swept up in a primal tidal flow
sex and chocolate, comfort food for the soul

Level 8

Since: Jun 08

Location hidden

#1393 Jun 3, 2012
Please Take Me Deep

Please take me deep, melt me in love's crucible,
pour my seed white hot and molten inside you,
mold me to the shape that brings you pleasure,
a perfect instrument to play sweet music of desire,
so rich and pure the heavens shake and angels cry

Please take me deep into your loving heart
till fire flows through your gently trembling loins
to wake your aching body to my lusty lover's call
and fill your dreams with visions of carnal delights
raised high to rival the celestial dance of eternity

Please take me deep and never let go of me
kiss me hard, and part my hungry lips with your tongue
press your firm proud breasts to my face and suckle me
grab hold of my hair, and guide my mouth down you
to drink my fill from you till I am drunk with the divine
W. I. Boucher

Level 8

Since: Jun 08

Location hidden

#1394 Jun 3, 2012
kik-wire wrote:
<quoted text>
TY so much.
I liked your shares also.
you are very welcome........ i would love to read more of you......
Level 8

Since: Aug 08

Seasons Change

#1395 Jun 3, 2012
What do Women Want?

I want a red dress.

I want it flimsy and cheap,

I want it too tight, I want to wear it

until someone tears it off me.

I want it sleeveless and backless,

this dress, so no one has to guess

whatís underneath. I want to walk down

the street past Thriftyís and the hardware store

with all those keys glittering in the window,

past Mr. and Mrs. Wong selling day-old

donuts in their cafť, past the Guerra brothers

slinging pigs from the truck and onto the dolly,

hoisting the slick snouts over their shoulders.

I want to walk like Iím the only

woman on earth and I can have my pick.

I want that red dress bad.

I want it to confirm

your worst fears about me,

to show you how little I care about you

or anything except what

I want. When I find it, Iíll pull that garment

from its hanger like Iím choosing a body

to carry me into this world, through

the birth-cries and the love-cries too,

and Iíll wear it like bones, like skin,

itíll be the goddamned

dress they bury me in....





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Brisbane, Australia

#1396 Jun 3, 2012
Work Incessantly,
Live Dramatically,
Pursue Passion.....

Brisbane, Australia

#1400 Jun 3, 2012
My poor feeble mind is shot, blown like an engine
Without oil, seized up, unrepairable.

The human brain is a roiling ball of
Wet grubs. The poet works his fingers

Into those depths, there's a diamond
Hiding somewhere, the pressed &

Perfect words of a priceless, carbon poem.
Do you believe in the diamond?

Have you felt the facets? I believe,
& I've touched the smooth, precious

Stone. But why
Tell you. Why remind

Self, pressurized,

Is both mother & murderer.

There ain't no goddamn
Diamond in my head anymore.

Grubs & blood & dopamine
Splash in a bone bowl

That I

Throw at the

Brisbane, Australia

#1401 Jun 3, 2012
Iíll bite if you want

Iíll spank if you want.

Iíll whisper in your ear if you want.

Iíll thrust deep or shallow.

Quickly or slowly.

Iíll dress like a garbageman or a businessman.

Or a priest.

Iíll shave or I wonít.

Iíll do whatever you need.

Eat, be eaten.

Iíll bend until I break.

And Iíll leave my deposit wherever you please.

But donít say you love me unless you mean it.

Donít call me by the name of another.

And be there when I wake up in the morning.

Brisbane, Australia

#1402 Jun 4, 2012
My lips begin to dry
and the hate begins to grow
But you canít see you can never
see what you have done to me
I put on a mask to hide the tears
and the heart ache
I just want you back
I just want the pain to go away
And Heart will stray to the
land of hopes and dreams
The tears will stop

I didnít change for you
I changed for me to start
a new but it didnít work
I just cant take it any more
I just want you back
I need you back
The bitter sweetness of my tears
on your lips how does it taste
How does it feel to know
that you broke my heart
the day you walked out that door

Brisbane, Australia

#1403 Jun 4, 2012
You got a problem with me?
Go solve it.

Think I'm trippin?
Tie my shoes.

Can't stand me?
Sit down.

Can't face me?
Turn aroundÖ.
Ken Rex

Euless, TX

#1404 Jun 4, 2012

Level 8

Since: Jun 08

Location hidden

#1405 Jun 4, 2012
Stormy Morning

good morning lover
it's time to wake up
look what the new day brought

a promise of rain
a roar of thunder
a flash of lightning

a trembling that shakes us
like an earthquake
as we hold each other tight

as love flows like magma
we rock there together
in the dawn's smoldering light

hours pass, time stands still
you whisper moan into my ear
mmmmmmmmmm I love you

I smile and stroke your face
and gaze in to your eyes
such a wonderful day for a storm
W. I. Boucher

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