Thank you Santorum for addressing this important issue. Pornography is literally destroying the American People from the inside out. The only people who would defend and promote unrestricted pornography are those addicted to it. You know it's not good for you nor your children. We all get upset when we heard about children and teens getting molested and women and now men getting raped, and we should get upset and NEVER lose our resolve to be upset. Then we ask ourselves, "What's going with this nation, why can't people just get it together and treat people with respect and decency. What is driving them to victimize so many innocent people around them?" But now some people get bent out of shape when the real adults in room address the issue and take a stand AGAINST PORNOGRAPHY, which is feeding the lust, sex addiction, and is driving up the sex crimes taking place in America. You can also tell a stubborn and addicted person to pornography. They will get upset anytime a person is bold enough to tell them how porn is literally darkening their minds and express the desire to put up restrictions for children. The advocates of pornography will not be satisfied until Child pornography is legal in America. It's sick sick sick!!!

Just admit it some of you are addicted to porn and it has literally destroyed your marriages, it has and is warped your emotions and the Emotions of your own children. Some people no longer can have healthy relations with a man or woman of the opposite sex. So they are just stuck at home wasting away, helplessly all locked up in sex addiction and in the world of fantasy. The monsters and criminals that we see in the news after they committed their heinous crimes, were first people who feed themselves right into porn addiction and now their sexual identities and appetites are all screwed up.

Homosexuality is a sex-addicts lifestyle that destroys the family, manhood, womanhood, and childhood in order to mock at God's divine order and destroy the future generations of humanity. Many times youth are bent toward to same sex because they were exposed to sexual images of the same sex during puberty while lacking a father figure at home. This emotional disorder is spread primarily by PORNOGRAPHY and child molestation from the same sex. Then feelings of rejection from the opposite-sex have perpetuated this unhealthy dysfunction into adulthood.

The shameful history of the homosexual has left nations less populated, sicker, and emotionally and financially drained. Even the vast majority of their leaders per capita have fought hard the preserve the STD curse on the earth, while taking pleasure in destroying the minds of children with despicable acts of lewdness and molestation.

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