Class of 2007 student/athletes - while not climbing to Big East Championship caliber - not getting to a BCS Bowl - and, spending much time in the Top 25 neighborhoods - can take solace in: achieving academic platitudes at levels of Stanford, Air Force and others
The Scarlet Knights have made real and meaningful strides in moving their gamedays from Saturday to Sunday. RUTGERS - in all intercollegiate athletics - has proudly and smartly represented the State of Rutgers and the State of New Jersey throughout the U.S.
All benchmarks of continued growth and progress.
Now, if the entire coaching staff from top to bottom could just get on the same g_d-damn (playbook) page.--- with offensive playcalls, skilled position player rotations, leadership,'wild'Knight vs. WildTurkey alignments, secondary coverage packages and on and on, maybe the Classes of 2008, 2009 & 2010 will not be a negative blog on some Scarlet website in the years ahead.
Art Grisi
Morristown, NJ
...watching Scarlet Knight football since the late 1960's... RahRahhoRah Rutgers Rah...