Bush-league move by Dodds. Creating a story out of NOTHING - well maybe out of a "wouldn't it be cool if..." conversation that happened 4 YRS ago - with the sole intention of taking a shot at A&M.
A conversation that 4 years ago would have come across as a lot of wishful thinking. Nobody could have foreseen then that ESPN would come in and not only pay Texas 300 million, but provide the cameras, staff... basically everything to make it reality.(ESPN, a spots network, doesn't want the competition of other sports networks, such as Big 10 Network, SEC Network and what was soon to be Big 12 Network. That's where the greed began, and that's why the other schools don't want to be partners with a school that doesn't behave like a partner.) And now amid the Big 12's devastation as a result of the Longhorn Network, Dodds has to gull to imply that A&M didn't have the foresight to be apart of the wonderful network better known as the Big 12's nuclear bomb. A network, by the way, that barely got picked up by a cable provider in time for the first game. Verizon FiOS, who's territory doesn't even include Central Texas (Austin)!! Is it even going to make it? Does it even have 20,000+ subscribers? ESPN doesn't care, at least they don't have to compete with another Conference Network; at the expense of Iowa State, Kansas, Kansas State, Missouri, OU, OK State, Baylor, TX Tech, A&M and the rest of the Big 12 community.
What a $@%!$@% move by Dodds... regarding, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, his "Byrne not being interested" comment.