As a season ticket holder for Rutgers I've had the opportunity to see Mohamad Sanu play live and in person. The guy is an animal, plain and simple! He has everything an NFL team is looking for. Put it this way, he is Ray Rice as a wide receiver. First of all, he is a quality individual. Completely unselfish, unlike other wide receivers out there who are all about themselves. Second, he is as physical as it gets. He was going to be a starting Safety(as a true freshman)for Schiano, but as soon as the coach saw his catching ability, he knew that Sanu should be touching the ball often. This is a guy who ran for over 600 yards in a season out of the Wildcat formation. He returned punts, he threw TD passes, and he is an unbelievable blocker. Ask Max Gruder from Pitt about that. Go and look at his highlights, and you'll see this guy is a baller.