his actions were uncalled for and intentional to the other opponent. if was up to me, he would be indefinitely suspensed from the remaining of the season due to the lack of sportmanship. to suspend him for one game is not enough punishment. he needs to seriously understand safety and regulation in football. if he had pulled his helmet any further, he could have broken his neck and paralyzed him from the neck down. if it was my choice i would file a complaint against the university for not doing anything about it. anyone who supports the idea of violation in football of possible injury is likely irresponsible and unconscious of any matter regarding violence. people who think that way are setting destruction within themselves. if you pay close attention the msu player then proceeded to punch another player after twisting denard's helmet. he wasn't sorry, because if he was wouldn't have committed another personal foul. this has nothing do with emotions. he was out of line and immature.