We both did each other favors.

We got rid of your arch-rival. Bad karma would have been a catastrophe. Considering that Xavier is your nemesis. Tick-tock-tick-tock! Argh! It's a Butler clock!

But, you got rid of Syracuse. Now, we get to play the team with the least resistance of all the teams left. A nice and smart team. But, one that is rather short, slow and all-thumbs. Awww..it's a shame for you that this isn't a debate championship. XD

It's great though. Because you got your first Elite 8! Congrats! So you can celebrate a great overachieving season! Congrats again!

And, we'll have a Final 4 appearance! And, you'll get to watch in Indianapolis! And, cheer for us as well! Hooray! XD