If America wants to save it's Post Offices then the USPS needs to start listening to its customers and not these silly 911 authorities that are breaking the law as well as creating confusion by renaming roads that they do not have the legal right to. These 911 officials are responsible for the disruptions of our communications and our economy. And to add insult to injury they are replacing real road names with unsafe duplicated at every avenue cr and pvt ####. The people who live in this country should let them have their 911 system and create another for ourselves. These people work for us and it just does not make any sense that they are refusing to listen when the data being collected on their system shows that these cr, and pvt addresses are causing problems that can be verified in so many ways. Make the USPS use the real names of the roads and not this confusing ledger style addressing. Cr or Co Rd on literally thousands of roads and you do not see a problem, even the Texas legislature did not ok this addressing system when they clearly stated not more than ten roads with the same or similiar name. The 911 addressing system in my county is not in compliance with state Law no matter who says it is.