It seems like yesterday that Clinton had 35,000 people and our downtown area was booming.

Sure, that was before we allowed a Wal-Marx into the area, and now the downtown is a joke. Half-paved streets lead the way to an area devestated by large corporations, and their cheap chinese goods. Americans' deserve what they get ,as they flock to such chain stores and do not even consider supporting local. I can't remember the last time I set foot in Wal-Marx, and am better for it. To do so would mean that I supported what they stand for, and I do not. I spend local whenever possible, as I would like the town to be more like Galena, or even LeClaire, with strong historic downtowns. Our city would rather have big chains, and pretty sculptures to decorate our dead downtown, than to offend the super-stores. We even have our own super size it street, as second street is a tribute to how many fast food joints can actually fit on one street. These places do not merit your support, as every dollar spent leaves your community, and you still line up like sheep to slaughter, and support them. Most of you are overweight and can't figure out why,as our your children, and still you don't get it. It is at least a good laugh, watching you try to figure out what went wrong with your community, as you wait in another fast food line for food without value. You Americans are so clueless when it comes to the truth. You cower like little children from facts, as the truth sits in front of your face and still you cannot see. As your conutry fails, keep doing your part and helping pay for the decline. Bail yourselves out, and spend local..