This is a fine tribute to Studs Terkel, who embodied so many talents and characteristics, and merged several careers into his life. An article can only skim the surface of his rich life.

WFMT-FM has programmed a day-long tribute to Studs today, November 1, and it is amazing to hear some of his wonderful interviews with distinguished guests, and also with the average citizen on the street. He showed respect and compassion for all people, and was a great champion of the underdog.

I knew him, and saw him weekday mornings as we bought our newspapers at the tobacco shop at 500 N. Michigan Ave., where our offices were located (~1977-1980). He wore his signature attire: red checkered shirt and black raincoat. He did not drive...once we shared a cab up north on LSD. together instead of waiting for a bus. He always was friendly and a great conversationalist. He always was friendly and a great conversationalist. His spirit lives on in his writings and tapes. What an icon!