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[Sonam Kapoor and Abhay Deol as Emma Woodhouse and Mr. Knightley]
The timing could not have been better for me as Iím presently surrounded by scholarly books about author Jane Austen (1775-1817). Iím writing a research ĎWas Jane Austen Black?í based on her personages who all are Blacks, and her own personal description as a dark brown woman, with African facial traits. All of these works are seriously flawed and ideological racist, as they never touch on the insistent skin colour schematics Austen offers. But they have an analysis of Emma (1816), which is Austenís final novel, and is credited as her most accomplished and cynical; but the hardest to analyse. Aisha (2010) is an Indian, movie adaptation of Emma and there is no colour subtext. To me Emma seems to resist analysis because it should not be read as a straight romantic story, but as an allegory about Black History, the causes of The French Revolution and the new political realities the classes must accept. Itís a novel about self-knowledge, self-improvement and a warning to Blacks to pay attention and not to be afraid of...

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